Not so “new” Opel Astra

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Opel has just released pictures of the “slightly revised” Astra.
New bumpers and the current fashionable “piano black finish” (It is now everywhere from car dashboards to flat TVs…) inside, are the only changes I can see.

You can basically switch the Opel logos for Saturn ones and you have the Ion replacement.

Another thing. Saturn just announced they will present the all new,Opel Antara based, Vue at the Los Angeles auto show.
Bob Lutz claims the driving experience is “similar to a BMW X5 and better than the X3.”

We’ll see about that…

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  1. well, a year or so ago, GM showed COOL Concepts, like the 3 door Antara, that Supposedly would replace the Vue. What do we get, something that looks like a bad Chinese designed Santa Fe, Last generation(UGggggggggggggly!).

    Now ya show this 5 door? Wow… I am soooo, what would ya call it, UNDERWHELMED?
    GM could take a BMW and make it ugly.
    Vince, remember that cool 3 door design of this car(ya are shoing us now) from awhile back, with the cool glass that was in place of where the sunroof usually is?
    This thing , in comparison, Is Garbage!

    GM said Saturn is supposed to be the “foreign car competition”
    …LOL… to whom? Cuba?

    The Chinese design nicer looking cars(some say copies), even twhe Chiense interiors on the show cars look better than this garbage.

    I do not care if it is the best handling car on Earth… if it’s mediocre in looks; I sure ain’t buying it.
    The interior looks bland, dull, BLECH!

    What is this, a design for 80 year olds?
    Sure ain’t aimed for the group buying Honda products, that’s for sure!

    Someone will buy this, but I lost ALL interest. When I saw the cool concepts, I thought”Wow, GM finally gets it”…. should have known better.

    That’s what happens when ya have a 70+ year old in charge(Lutz).

  2. That interior = beautiful. I like piano black. It’s not executed well in the Ford Fusion, but it looks good here, in Mazdas, and on flat-screen TVs.

  3. that guy up there has some issues you wrote a whole page worth on how bad this is when it really isnt its lightyears away from the piece of crap we know as the Ion or anything else saturn ever designed in the U.S maybe your glass roof will be available on the redline model remember its competing in a lower price segment with all the concept cars gadgets it wont be affordable. I probably wont buy it but hey atleast it caught my attention more than any other Saturn did exept for the Aura.

  4. I would like to see GM (Saturn) bring over more vehicles from Europe. If you look at Vauxhaul and Opel offerings, they’re far more advanced stylistically than anything the company has out here. I’m personally praying for the Prevue 3-dr thats on Saturn’s Future Concepts page of their website. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for Honda and Mazda to do since Jeep brought out their 3dr concept in 2002-ish? auto show circuit, then never produced it. BTW, the Antara is just another box. Save it for more pedestrian GM outlets, and let Saturn be what it was meant to be… the Scion of GM.

    I’ve always been a fan of the Opel Astra. Saturn,… if you’re gonna compete with Honda, Toyota and Mazda… you’d better tap the Euro stream a little quicker. And don’t ‘over GM-think’ them.

  5. If Saturn had done this five years ago, I’d say yes. This is too late and too boring.

    Why do American manufacturers hate America so much?

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