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Maybe it is just the color, but on these pictures, the interior looks much better than the sedans pictures I’ve seen before.
I actually saw a Sebring sedan last week end, but the sad grey interior didn’t do much for me.
The light color shows more what they were going for with the interior design. And it’s not bad.
At least, it doesn’t really look like anything else.

The back seat finally gets a couple of headrests.
And they say even the soft top latches automatically now.

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  1. Hey, Vince, the interiors Do look good(sedan and this) in leather, and this mixed color. The grey plastics and cloth are tolerable(barely).
    Sort of like the PT Cruiser: Give it leather, beige, and the thing is transformed into a not-too-bad cabin(problem is ya pay for it! A Lot!).
    Maybe if they went with “pleather”… ya know, seat surfaces with real leather, the rest, pleather, = Big Savings, and a better-than-cloth look, and feel).
    I heard a “rumor” of a coupe Sebring…. well, they got this…why not a real hard top 2 door(or 3)?
    Looks kind of cool w/ 2 doors.

  2. I hope this is better in real life. Because this looks bad in pictures. The design is clumsy. The air vents are probably the chintziest I’ve ever seen and the molded cup holders in the back seat armrests… could there be a cheaper way to design this? I don’t think so. A convertible is supposed to be sexy. But it appears that the minivan guys created this one.

  3. I sat in the Sebring sedan version at the
    San Francisco Auto show.
    It was painted a boring silver color with a light grey interior with mid-grey dashboard.

    The interior shapes/details are quite nice though. Sebrings should only have dark or rich warm colors inside, with chromed dash vents.
    The bland material textures with light grey color combination really cheapen the interior look!
    (Think Rubbermaid almost)

    Now here is the Really Sad Part

    I walked up to the NEW Sebring and examined it for a half hour- there were no crowds at all! Interestingly the older generation 300 sedans at the San Francisco Auto show had crowds about 3-4 people deep!

    Chrysler should make the new Sebring look just like the 2000 Nassau concept car — mini 300 with 4 door coupe proportions!

    When will these people ever learn?!

  4. Even though it’s been out for years and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, the 300 still has good curb presence. People still look at them and they still seem special. I’m certain that the 300C will be considered a collectible one day.

    The Sebring already looks dated. Give it a year, and it’ll be totally forgotten.

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