One weird Minivan, from China

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I guess it’s called the CM8 something…

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  1. It’s called ChangAn CM-8. This company used to produce 1.3 litter tiny minivans (which I doubt this car is based on) that serve as Taxi in Beijing. $0.12 for every kilometer. (roughly $0.19 very mile) No tip needed.

    – Party Chicken

  2. This is as fugly as the people who are going be buying it and be seen driving it! LOL.

    I excrement more eye-pleasing sculptures than this.

  3. JW said…
    It looks like a Prius minivan.

    5:58 AM
    Funny you should say this! I just read on, daily news, that Toyota is thinking of a Prius Wagon, SUV, and a Minivan(something like this), expanding the “line-up”.
    Wonder if they’ll just copy this, lol.

  4. Looks like it would roll over if it took on a 30 MPH turn at 15.

    Not only that… it would do it while still looking fugly!

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