Roewe 250

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Still . Same as the old Rover 25.

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  1. I just looked up Rover 25( isn’t this FWD?)…. it said the 25 had 160HP VVC, over 130MPH, and now the Chinese will produce it( they should tweak it a tiny bit, maybe sport it up some, in the looks dept, at least?).
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wonder what the MSRP would be( it shoould Not cost as much as the original, that’f for sure, using older technology, everythign already developed for them….and built in China?).
    This may sound “flip”, but 15K, 32-34MPG, decent NVH, build and mateiral quality, a long warranty… I’d give one a try, after they are out a few years first.

  2. if it were cheap(price-wise) enough, and 160HP(think it would go fast. I think it might)I’d consider it over many of the msaller cars, like the Yaris sedan, etc. Didn’t the 25 use to have a Honda engine in it?

  3. Stop hair splitting. The Streetwise was an (at the time desperate) marketing variant of the 25. It’s still fundamentally a 25.

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