Roewe 250 Interior VS. Rover 25

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The Roewe is on top.

I must say, the Chinese interior is a great update. And the car actually still looks pretty nice.

Why not….

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  1. More like a 2000s Cavalier.

    Or any Pontiac to this day.

    Some of those Rover interiors we’ve seen are complete crap. The Chinese have definitely improved on that, even if they can’t resist copying.

  2. I’m interested in how much development it took to convert the chassis to left-hand drive. Rover never made Lefty cars (the bottom pic is obviously reversed), and if this seemingly small upstart company could turn the car around in a year, why can’t American companies do it for Europeans’ sakes?

  3. Rover never made left hand drive cars? Don’t talk rot, of course they made left hand drive cars. The vast majority of their sales might have been focused in the UK, but they did sell cars throughout Western Europe.

    Also, what makes you think Europeans would want American cars clogging up their roads? If the American cars we do get here (Dodge Caliber, Chrysler 300C) are testament to the calibre (no pun intended) of American engineering and build quality, I’d rather they were kept across the pond! 😛

  4. That´s right: Rover sold the 25 in a left-hand-version. We drive one. I have to admit that it´s got the old interior, which is definitivetly the worst part of the whole car as from the outside, the 25 still is a pretty little car.

    I´m suprised to see that the Roewe 250 will be a 1:1 copy (or twin) of the Rover 25. At least the Roewe 750E did get some finishing…

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