Roewe 750 Hybrid

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Not much else to say on it. These are actual pictures of the Hybrid model .
They claim a 25% improvement compared to the “regular” model.

Notice the different front, actually closer to the old Rover.

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    this says(this is a MG forum board, but a few have mentioned a report from Financial Times… and posted the article in the reply,,etc)….
    that Rowe 750(SAIC) Won’t be selling the car(exporting) anytime soon, but will concentrate on China.
    This site also has something about SAIC thought this car would be out by 07 fo rsale in Europe and USA… but plans are at a standstill right now?

  2. That’s simply amazing… Especially if we consider when Rover has passed to the hands of the chinese. (Only months ago!)

    I wonder what kind of hybrid system is in this car. Probably not a complex one like Toyota’s.

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