S class convertible???

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Are they seriously thinking about this?
I like it, but …. How?

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  1. there already has been a topless version of the s-class coup aka CL.
    quantity has been limited to 600 pieces only and the car was released
    a CL AMG cabriolet in the american market.

    a CL convertible? why not? it definatelly would look awesome.

  2. Whoever said there is a CL cabriolet is just plain retarded.

    Mecedes never made CL cabriolets. You’re probabily mixing up with CLKs.

    Nevertheless, this open-top S-Class idea is also stupid as hell.

  3. Not a lot of space in the back for the roof. It would have to be a ragtop or many-panel hardtop roof. No room in trunk with top down.

  4. A 4-door S-Class convertible would have the torsional rigidity of wet tissue paper, or weigh about the same as an Abrams tank.

  5. there have been rumors about that CL55 AMG Convertible around 2003. i dont know if they actually released it, but the number of planned vehicles was ~600 pieces. the car was not supposed to be an official MB product, but an AMG modification of the CL55.

  6. Like someone said, topless CL does NOT exist…rather MBZ has been musing over offering big long cabriolets.The answer is:they will build it.With Lexus really making the $70k plus market stiff with its new LS, MBZ is pushing the envelope with new products you can only get from MBZ. This was the same rationale with the CLS…now everybody and their mother wants to biuld a CLS fighter. MBZ has experience with 4 door cabriolets…think Landaulet. It is coming, and I can’t wait!!!See links below for some awesome p-shops.http://www.cwwcardesign.com/cars/mercedes_cl600_convertible.htmlhttp://www.cwwcardesign.com/cars/mb_w221_cabrio2.html

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