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It won’t be called the xB anymore. Maybe the tB. Or something.
It is due next summer and will be larger than the xB.

As you can see, it does look pretty similar to the t2B concept from last year. But with 4 doors.
At first there were rumors of the new car being powered by the Camry’s 2.4 liter engine, just like the tC.
But they are now also talking about a 1.5 and 1.8 Liter.
Maybe the US will get the 2.4, or we might have different versions available. Who knows…
At least in Japan, the car will be offered in FWD and 4WD. With a CVT or 5 speed manual.

here is a picture of the t2B Concept.

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  1. Vince,
    I am confused as far as my next purchase. I am looking at the HondaLX CRV, Suzuki Sx4 or something Japanese with 4 cylinders. The Rav4 is nice, but I am not so sure about the rear tire thing.
    If the Scion is longer then the current model with a Camry 4 under the hood along with AWD, this could be a great choice. But you said there is also news that Nissan might bring a newer cute ute to the market, what do you think? Plus I don’t want to spend no more then $ 22.000

  2. I really don’t think the 4WD will make it in the US.
    Most Toyotas are available in 4WD in Japan, but not in the US.
    So I don’t think the next Scion will have 4WD here.

    The SX4 is quite a bit smaller than the CRV.
    A few people here have driven it and seem to love it.
    And you really cannot go wrong with the CRV.

    In any case, remember the last week of the year, between Christmas and new years, is the best time to buy. (If you are in the market that soon).
    And check prices on It’ll give you a good idea of what you should pay.

  3. Suzuki SX4: Small, slow, yet not very fuel efficient. (+ugly)

    Why would anyone consider a Suzuki nowadays…

    Compare that SX4 MPG with a Camry (yes, a Camry), and things will be clear. Now, compare it against Yaris or Corolla… then it’s a joke!

  4. Vince:
    hey, what’s the best deal to check out for car prices(new)?
    NADA, carsdirect, edmunds?
    I keep hearing NADA is best?
    Sounds about right.

    Anyhow, yeah, Go and test drive all the stuff, ya never know. if ya like the SX4 like my inlaws do theirs, ya might save a ton of money, On the other hand, ya might not care for it, and go the CRV route.
    Ya also got the RAV, Tuscon, Sportage, and a few others I’ve probably missed….

    Anyhow…. have a good one.

  5. Ooops… Sorry, you said Japanese “suv”….
    It was the Tuscon or SX4….for inlaws, and Suzuki won(dur to the fact they owned a 90 “Chevy” Tracker-a Suzuki rebagded for GM-
    until 217,000, then traded it in for a 97 , which the mother in law has, at 90,000+ miles/10 years… only problem, fading hood paint.)
    Since they have such great track records with Reliability( NVH, etc… Horrid…. like driving a tractor,lol)….Excellent.
    SX4..nothing like the old Trackers, or any Suzuki(NVH-wise, etc…)Great little vehicle.
    Note: my brother in law is 6’4″, 275… father in law 5’11” and 265 or so…. and myself, and “grandpa” 6’1″…. all fit into the SX4 Comfortably, leg and head room. No problems.

    Sorry to ramble on and on…
    Anyhow, good luck whatever ya buy.

  6. t2B, or not t2B,
    that is the question! 😉
    from internet news, this thing is supposedly gonna go up 10 inches in total length from 155-165 inches(closer to the PT Cruiser totallength of 169+ inches ?) about 4 inches wider, and yes, the tC engine, btu even if it gets 140HP, netx gen Corolla engine… it should suffice, don’t ya think, Vince(especially if weight is not say 3,500 lbs, lol).
    If they keep it around 2,800-3,000, should do ok(like the SX4’s 2,800+ lbs, 9.1 seconds to 60… 143HP, read it on edmunds test drive).
    Anyhow…. may be interesting, and useful.
    Who knows? Probably see this at Detroit, Chicago, or other autoshow, Vince?

  7. Hey, Vince….ya say last week of the year, best deals? Is this due to dealers being taxed or something on carry over stock,or what?

  8. I think the last week thing is because they need to show big sale numbers for the year.
    They get money back from the manufacturer.
    And the car makers want big sale numbers anyway and the last week is the last chance.
    The end of each month is also good for the same reason. They get money back for each car sold.

    I have used carsdirect before and recomended it to many friends who have used it.
    You can just go on their site and price any car, just for fun.

  9. american kids need todrive american cars.
    there is plenty o f great stuff out there ro pick from
    focus coblat etc all cool cars for young kids
    this square ugly crap won’t sell here. no way

  10. why does everything has to be big in the redesign process? the reason the current xb works well because it is small (smallest suv in america, i think) with plenty of room. otherwise the honda element is a way to go 🙁

  11. Good Bye Scion xA & xB, you will be missed.

    I heard it actually cost Toyota a bit for every Scion xA & xB sold in the US, cause they’re imported direct from Japan.

    Makes sense for Toyota to build its own Scions here in the US, but it could mean worse quality for the future buyers

  12. Thanks, Vince- you’ve really kept us up to date on good spy shots of this t2b or whatever.

    @tC- Scion is flying a bunch of people from the scionlife forums to Miami for Hot Import Nights around Dec 15- I’m thinking it’ll be unveiled there

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