Second 2006 Los Angeles auto show

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I went to the “1st” one last January and it was pretty bad.
In a lame and pathetic way.
But this time, thanks, I guess to the new schedule away from the Detroit show, things are looking up.
They are talking about some pretty big premieres:

-Saturn Vue
-Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid
-Ford Escape
-Chrysler Sebring convertible
-Volvo C30 (US model)
-Nissan Sentra SE-R
-Nissan Altima Hybrid

I am sure I forget a few.
But I will be there on press day to report early with pictures and videos.
The show opens on the 1st for the public.

Which car are you really, really waiting for????

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  1. C30 pictars and pricing

    Altima Hybrid fuel economy numbers

    Any news about BMW diesel (rumor has it we should expect something in LA)

    Exreme closeups of the interior fit and finish on Ford. Always gets a kick out of that.

  2. Also, dont forget the new Audi TT Roadster will be introduced at the LA Auto ….. any info and pics would be greatly appreciated on this care

  3. 2 Honda and 1 Acura debuts at the LA show. I’m waiting to see what replaces the RSX and still hoping honda will do that CRX this year.

  4. What is Toyota/Scion/Lexus revealing there. That is what i want to know. Its been a while since something interesting (like a concept) has been revealed by them.

  5. The Honda Stream is making it’s debut, a small sport coupe not for production but for audience responses on designs cues and Honda FCX sedan.

    Acura is debuting a concept future-look of the RL for 2010. They are just trying to get reactions of design cues. Hopefully the car will be more luxurious, bigger and comes with a V-8 boasting 355-hp.

    I was actually looking for the sub-coupe ( CL replacement ) but maybe that will be in Detroit, NYC or Chicago.

    CRX will be a European debut not US.

    Accord debut will be most likely Detriot.

  6. LA Autoshow press release

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