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From the front. It looks OK.
But walk around ad you’ll see the obvious: another copy.
Not an “homage”, or “inspired by”.
But a blatant copy of the BMW X3…

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  1. Was this another BMW collaboration with a Chinese automaker? I certainly hope so. If it isn’t, then this is another reason for the Chinese to be mocked and ridiculed for their lack of design ability.

  2. I’ve seen this in person, it’s actually based on the X5…and yes, it is not pleasant to the eyes.

  3. Its an X5 copy, not an X3. Its Idetical to the X5 apart from the fornt. Interior is a copy of the Toyota Landcriuser Prado…

  4. Can someone tell me how the Japanese copied their way into the market? What vehicles did they copy and could I have links to the pictures of these copied vehicles?

    The Chinese cars seem to be dead on rip-offs in most areas, but I can’t think of any obvious rip-offs from Honda, Toyota or Nissan.

  5. How is this an X3 copy? Front and interior are straight off the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, back is off the X5. To all you Americans who think this is so bad, look at the Pontiac G6 coupe, direct copy of the Toyota Solara Coupe. Time to face the facts, Asians make better cars, and everyone copies, including your own.

  6. I would agree japanese copied their way into the market as well. Toyota trucks/SUV’s copied Fords trucks/SUVs, lexus copied mercedes, yadda yadda yadda It is just the way of the auto market. No surprise.

  7. if this thing were on par of even a Hyundai, priced around 25-30K, loaded(about 15-20K less than a BMW)and similarly warrantied, I bet many people would look, and some would but it.

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