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Lexus is getting a “smaller than RX” car based SUV.
It will be based on the same platform as the RAV4 and will also use the 3.5 Liter V6.

They also might be offering the 2.5 Liter engine from the IS as a base engine.
After all, the more expensive RX couldn’t have the same base engine…

It should work well in Europe…

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  1. Looks like a 1 Series BMW. Much better looking than the RAV4 which is a mess IMO. No dumb, spare tire hanging off the back, fortunately.

  2. dont know about this mags said earlier the year toyota decided against because the rav 4’s platform is to down market to compete in this category, but that they would build a small suv at some point.

  3. Its pedestrian FWD origins are obvious in the styling.. from a styling standpoint, I would have preferred Lexus use their RWD IS platform for their X3 fighter, but I’m sure it makes more financial sense to use the FWD RAV4 platform that already offers AWD.

  4. This segment is really heating up. Not only will it compete with the BMW X3, The Acura RDX, The Freelander, but a number of compact luxury SUVs coming from Infiniti, Cadillac, Mercedes, and Audi.

    It’s going to get very competitive.

  5. one side of a conversation: “Cute Mazda!…..what?……WHAT?…..You’re kidding…….You’ve GOT to be KIDDING…….YOU PAID WHAT FOR IT????” the rest is just laughter 😉

  6. OUCH!!!! What happened to the cargo area? What the *^%# is the point of buying a Crossover or SUV if there is little to NO room to carry along your junk? Give a coupe or sedan any day with a reasonable size trunk!!!

  7. If they really want to compete with the RDX (Which I think is the best SUV in the segment), they should be thinking on design a traction system to overperform the current Acura´s Super Handling All Wheel Drive. Otherwise there is no form they could really offer a better product than Acura.


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