Some “not so bad” pictures of the new Sebring

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The interior does look pretty original.
You can tell they were trying something different. But the overall thing doesn’t really say “quality”.
Not sure why. And the shape is still pretty heavy looking.

Is that thing out yet???

These pictures are of the Diesel version sold in Europe only.

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  1. This thing has been out for a month now.
    I test drove a blue one( forgot the name of the color, more of a medium blue, sort of like the SX4 has).

    1) Handling was better than the Sonata.
    2)NVH was not bad.At least avg(I4).
    3) Looks ok in Blue, to be honest.
    4) Interior scheme was ok, kind of different.
    5) Lot of room.
    6) Great seating/steering(dash) positions available(Unlike GM, whose cars are set up like trucks, to me, Not enough Down Travel in the column for me).
    7) ride , handling, above avg.
    8) Excellent 6 way seats(believe it or not).
    1) COST TOO MUCH: Base sedan was nearly 19K(why?)… this should be closer to 17,999 vs 18,999(as, to me, it is no better than a I-4 Optima, Sonata, or Fusion, and they are all priced between 16,999-17,999 base MSRP).

    2) A little slow feeling between 2nd and 4rd gear, some ‘hunting” at times, and only a 4 speed automatic, where Optima has 5 speed auto-manual for less cash(why aren’t the other makes using automanuals?).

    3) CHEAP LOOKING PLASTICS in the interior( as if they did not bother to try to give it “texture” ).

    4) Warranty: Lags GM, Hyundai/Kia, Mitsubishi,Suzuki, and even the Ford Focus’ 5/100K warranty.

    Here’s the deal:
    If I could get this thing, with sunroof, base model, for 18,500 (after bargaining)… I’d consider it. At nearly 21K… No.
    They would nbeed one of those 1,500 rebates, and knock off at least 1K at the dealership off of the MSRP(and give me decent $$ on trade in)… before I’d buy one.

    If I had to choose, I’d get the EX Optima, instead, loaded like I want it(similarly to the Sebring) on sale, for 18-19K…..(depends on the area you live, and current rebates).
    At least the Optima has a rich looking interior vs this Sebring(maybe darker grey, or black interior option on Optima helps “hide” any cheap bits?).

    If they would just sell it starting at the even the Sonata or Fusion base prices of 17,799 or so…it would help make the thing more interesting.
    When they go 21-22K msrp, that’s Camry range(I-4) base….soooo, I am guessing others would buy the Camry at the same price range( If I reacll correctly, the MSRP was supposed to be 20-21K, but then Chrysler dropped right before introduction to 18,899 or so).
    Drop It 1,000 More, then you’ll be on target to compete!
    Oh, they do have an “upgrade” on cloth for 100 dollars( ho wmuch better can it be for 100 dollars, unless the materials from Mexico are really inexpensive?)I dunno.

  2. Two simple words explain it all: it sucks! Think about it, they can give us the 1990s C-class with modern features. I guess people won’t even mind the interior maybe trash. Afterall, people are just hoping for another boxy American muscle car anyways, just hoping for a smaller and cheaper version of 300C. I always hope that it would be American incarnation of cosworth 190E. Instead they give us the one that had no RWD and no advantage at all against imports. Now GM and Ford, don’t waste your money to be inventive here, just give us Holden commandore and Ford Mondeo!

  3. Sebring doesn’t look bad–saw one on the road and sat in a couple at a dealer and at the S.F. Auto Show a few days ago.

    Plastic on the dash is the hard, silvery stuff used for many boom boxes–not too classy, but not horrible, either.

    If the price appears high, it won’t be for long because there’s no way that car will be sold to anyone but a nitwit if the Accord or similar is available for the same price or less.

  4. Is the Hood on this thing ribbed for our protection or is it another Rubbermaid product misplaced in the automotive industry?

  5. I’ve seen it in real life, and there is no way around it: it’s ugly. It’s already on sale, and only a tiny blip sales-wise. Look closely at it’s sales in the months to come, it will be a dissapointment.

  6. Looks like a hard vinyl, cheap leather, squeaky place to ride. Perfect for rental fleets. Some of the interior styling details are pretty nice, but grey interiors are difficult to keep from looking drab and somber. Maybe shades of taupe would help warm things up.

    The exterior is broken by too many cut lines. That grooved hood has got to go.

  7. I can tell the Toyota/Honda, or Big 2 guys are posting comments( same guys who ALWAYS attack everything EXCEPT their makers/vehilces that they own, or like).
    I own a Hyundai and Scion product,and have owned Chevy and Nissan, too, and I think , Minus MSRP, this is a decent vehicle. Yes, the interior looks more like it might belong on a 15K compact, but what the%^&*()_, ya know?
    They DID lower the MSRP(again) to 18,399 for the base model.
    It was closer to 18,899 just 3 weeks ago!!!! Now, make it 17,599…. and then you would be talking!
    I hear attacks on Hyundai Sonata, Camry, Accord, Fusion, only car that really deserves the “hatred”(for now… is the Chevy Malibu, That is 1/2 a step above junk, and talk about plastics adn dull? LOL…makes the Camry look like a Z-car!!

  8. I bet NO ONE on here has even Driven one. I know they haven’t. Can tell by the commentary,LOL. You guys are experts on nothing! Go to and act like know-it-alls, LOL.The posters there will most likely buy your line of bull.

  9. look,. this car is aimed at middle aged guys, families, where the dad don’t want to be stuck with a toaster oven styled vehicle(your pick, the’s enough of them out there).
    Sure, to some, it may be ugly, but just like people whining about the upcoming Avenger… someone will buy it due to the very fact it looks “Strong” or “bold lines”, despite what others may say.
    I know a whole area that REFUSES to consider anything foreign(unfortuantely, I live with these people; same area).
    Here’s an example: a couple in their 50’s tried to sell thei Toyota tercel, 53,000 miles, almost new condition, for 800 dollars… No One even stopped to look, and it was in their yard for 6 months….
    Neighbor guy had an OLD Imapala, rusting out, got it for 750 dollars,, used it(older guy, in his 60’s) to deliver papers(lot of ink on those back cloth seats!).
    Anyhow….. it started acting up, his son tweaked it enough to run ok… and the old man put a sign, 1,500 on it…. for sale(Chevy)….
    Guess what< He got 1,325 dollars for this pieck of running junk... and MADE a profit!
    30 year old car!
    The Toyota was only 10 years old.
    Better everything.
    The rednecks picked the PO* Chevy!

    This will sell(not calling it junk, just saying, they have a built in audience who does nto consider anything but perceived “American” brand names, and woudl buy this if it looked like the 1930’s Scarab!).

  10. This is one horrible looking design – especially the front. No way would I even consider this ugly car. The interior is so-so BUT I am disappointed that there are no audio controls on the front of the steering wheel. (they do have the controls hidden on the back which is a bit odd). Another design destined for the rental fleet.

  11. Chrysler has always step out styling wise, some are misses some are hits. At least they try to do something different. Just remember toyota/honda copied chrysler’s minivan, ford/gm copied dodge trucks with front styling. No I am not buying this thing, but, the next bold chrysler thing I just may.

  12. Still a plasticky pile of crap. I can hear the roar of laughter post-visit from the european showrooms now.

  13. It looks like the Altima influenced the instrument cluster and hvac controls, but the Sebring dash has a very nice swoop that makes it more unique. If the quality of materials are better in person than they appear in pictures, this isn’t a bad interior at all.

    I saw my first Sebring in the wild a day or two ago. Granted, this was only a passing glance, but it looks better in person, even if it’s still lacking something.

    Give the Sebring reliabilty, Chrysler, and this car will make many buyers perfectly happy for daily transportation.

  14. I am amazed at the level of criticism on this board of this design based upon viewing a few pictures. Would the comments have been the same if the nameplate was hidden or it said Nissan or Toyota? I have seen this car in person, inside and out and on the road. I think most of middle America, whom this car is designed to appeal to–not self annointed message board auto design experts–will find it to be stylish and a surprisingly good value, especially when compared to other generic looking, plain vanilla designs on the road.

  15. Would the comments have been the same if the nameplate was hidden or it said Nissan or Toyota?

    Or Honda or Mazda. I spare no car manufacturer from praise or criticism. Vince is even-handed about that, too, as are most people here.

    …not self annointed message board auto design experts

    We come to express our opinions and enjoy others’. Or not. Join the fun.

    I think most of middle America, whom this car is designed to appeal to [edit] will find it to be stylish and a surprisingly good value, especially when compared to other generic looking, plain vanilla designs on the road.

    Generic…plain vanilla…are you self annointed? 😉

    But middle America has been enjoying the Toyotas and Nissans for the very same reasons you mentioned. Many people find their Camrys and Altimas to be very handsome and a great value.

    To Chrysler’s credit, they have created something that doesn’t look exactly like the rest.

  16. I guess when you look out over that grooved hood, you can feel like you’re driving that Crossfire you always wanted. Just don’t look in the mirror to see junior in his car seat behind you.

  17. I went back to the chrysler delaership my 3rd time in 2 weeks. I liked the Sebring, but upon closer inspection, on the net, and in person…. my interest began to wane.
    1) The rear head rests are “intergrated”, meaning the do not adjust, like the one’s in the Optima, Sonata, (of similar MSRP).

    2)I18,329 is lower than the 18,995 first advertised just 2 weeks ago…I wonder why?////maybe…..becasue of things like this?

    On Optima, for example, to get an automatic, lx base, it is nearly 800 less than the Sebring(and this is before the 1K cash back rebate on Optima, and arguing).
    So,the Optima costs less, and has them trumped in warranty.

    Look, i loaded both a Sebring and Optima up, and minus cash backs, actual arguiong prices… the Optima costs maybe 1K more than a base model Sebring, BUT, you get this:
    Sunroof, ABS and Slip-Differentail,3 rear seat Adjustable headrests,controls on steering wheel,grab handles for all occupants, *upscale cloth( *100 more for Sebring), 34MPG for Optima, 5 speed auto vs 4 speed auto(and auto-Manual… shift it yourself, or not in Optima, not even a consideration in the Sebring. too bad) and the warranty.

    The Sebring handles slightly better, and the interior is sportier(if not cheaper ) looking.
    and you can get a 20 GB hard drive in the Sebring(at a COST).
    But… Intergrated headrests? C’Mon, what is this, 1999?
    I think the Optima has controls on steering wheel for the EX automatically…it is optional on Sebring.

    Look, for 18,999, I can get the EX Optima loaded like the nearly 21K Sebring.
    Wow… should I be impressed by Sebring now?
    Maybe if it were a 14K vehicle.

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