Still born: The Rover RDX60

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This is what the new Rover 45 replacement was supposed to look like. (back in 2004)
But as you know, Rover went under before it went to production.

I wonder if this will end up as a Roewe anytime soon…

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  1. To Anonymous above…since when did any Chinese car company care about buying the rights to a vehicle before copying it or producing it?

    Front end aside, that sure looks like my Mazda3.

  2. I thought the whole point of the RDX60 was that it was based on the BMW designed and engineered 75 platform. On that basis Nanjing bought (near useless) design work, and SAIC bought (the very valuable) chassis. In my opinion, you’ll see a mid sized Roewe before NAC even start picking over the bones of the rubbish they were conned into buying. Sadly.

  3. Actually, both NAC and SAIC owb the rights to the 25 and 75 chassis, NAC also owns the rights to the 45 and anything MG Rover was working on. They got the bigger chunk and more important property. They also got the powertrain stuff MG Rover was working on and is currently working with the same companies to continue/complete the development.

  4. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of the stillborn RDX60 turning up as a Roewe badged car, as SAIC only obtained the rights to the Rover 25 and 75’s designs. The design work for RDX60 was sold along with the rest of MG Rover’s assets to Nanjing Auto for £53 million. It’ll most likely turn up in some form badged as an MG in the next few years, although I wouldn’t expect it to look anything like that prototype, as the exterior of the car was in the process of being totally redesigned when MG Rover went bust.

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