Suzuki SX4 Sedan?

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It is now official, you can add a trunk to anything.

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  1. Vince, is that a derogatory remark?

    Anyway, they need to add Xeon and LED lights along with a sunroof to be more competitive in this segment.

  2. Well, it does not look “odd” proportioned, like most of these sub-compacts that we have on the roads.
    The SX4 is SOLID(how do I know, I mentioned this on a few SX4 posts of Vince….. Father-in-law has had one almost 5 week…. and 3000K miles+…he drives 600 a week to work, and extra on the weekend> GREAT, BEST Sub-compact out ther,e Bar-None… go drive an rio, or accent, which are good, then SX4… SX4 feels more substantial, like a compact vs subcompact).Anyhhowwwwwwwwwww….

    This may be a decent small car. The current Aerio is as talll as many mid-sized sedan(roofline).
    Almost as wide, too(off by maybe 2-3 inches in width).
    It’s like large compact, all but in length, and HP.
    0-60 for the SX4 is around 10 seconds with the automatic, but it Feels faster off the line than 10 seconds(feels more like 8.0-8.5).
    Sharp handling, smooth ride, low NVH(or hardly any), 30 MPG, and fwd/awd?
    If they keep it at the 15-17K range, why buy anything else, if ya live in the snow belt?

    30MPG is “low” for a small car, but this has what, AWD and FWD… so more hardware on it than any other subcompact, and it weighs about 2,800-2,900 lbs, due to this fact.
    The accent is what, 2,400lbs?
    If it weighed 2,900 and AWD capable mechaincs on it, beside FWD mehanicals, too….it’s only get 30 mpg.
    and ya get a 7/100K warranty for drivetrain, and the warranty is trasnferrable(in case ya drive low miles and sell you vehicles every 4-5 years/trade in..should help w/ resale?).

    Go Suzuki. Now , bring out that SUZUKI Built “Reno” Sporty car I been reading about(07 or 08)…..and make it as nice as the SX4!

  3. Anonymous said…
    Vince, is that a derogatory remark?

    Anyway, they need to add Xeon and LED lights along with a sunroof to be more competitive in this segment.

    2:33 PM
    I think you are correct about the sunroof. The lights? LED are just to be seen better, not really “brighter” . The Xenon are irriatating to many drivers. I recall about 5 years ago, when they first came out, tons of people were buying those bulbs, but recently, I see less and less on the roads(maybe some drivers got punched out for blinding someone with those lights?lol).
    If ya need special lights to drive; Don’t(drive then), lol.

    Maybe fog lights, instead?

  4. Phil: It may not looks as nice as the Mazda 3(in back) but I guarantee it cost Thousands Less, has a better warranty, and they are 2 completely differnt cars: one is a compact and one is sub-compact(SX4). One also has 2 variations of AWD( lo gear up through 36MPH and one FT AWD or FWD if you want better MPG, on Suzuki… Mazda 3 offers None of these features).
    It’s larger, and faster, maybe looks better.
    In 6 inches of snow, I’ll take the SX4, either version.

  5. too bad this ain’t an updated version of the Reno! AWD/FWD(slightly larger/safer? vehicle) 155HP I-5 they took out of the Aerio…..15-18K….
    SX4 is nice, but it is about 1/2 foot shorter than the Yaris sedan or Versan 5 door.

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