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The upcoming Lincoln MKS will offer a V8 option after all.
They had announced earlier that the new Lincoln will only have a V6. With maybe something like a turbo option.
Car enthusiasts were pretty stunned by the news.
But now they are talking about using the same 4.4 Liter V8 used in the new Volvo S80 (Which shares its platform with the Lincoln)
it will also offer a glass roof and 20 inch wheels as options.

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  1. Hey yo Ford. If you’re listening, good move! I can see the V6 as standard, but you would want to see the V8 as at least an option. Now if they can only get manumatics in their cars. Anyone out there know if or when they are gonna do that?

  2. That is good news, the car still does not pave any new ground. It looks like something that is 3 years old already. Lincoln needs something more interesting than this.

  3. I had just read that they were not going to put the 4.4L V8 in this car. They were going to use a “special” 3.7L V6 (meaning a bored out Duratec 35) and have plans of developing a 5.0L that could be use for both front and rear drive configurations. It was in Motor Trend. They said something about Yamaha raised the price on the 4.4L V8. Who knows. I read something different every day. But if Ford is going to compete in this class they need to have a V8 in this car.

  4. Wrong. Lincoln never announced they would not have a V8 in the MKS. The UAW announced Lincoln would not build a separate assembly line for the engine in Ohio. When people heard this news, they wrongly assumed the MKS would not have a V8.

  5. They need to do something, I hope it’s as tight as the new Nissan Altima. I just drove the ’07, 270 hp v-6 cvt . WOW! incredible. I also drove the new Camry and Accord today. not even close!!!!

  6. Where did you drive the Altima?

    Accord and Camry are both very nice cars. Even if the Altima turns out to be better, it will be pretty close.
    There is so much they can do with a FWD mid size family car…

    Only people working for Nissan would say the competition is “not even close”…

  7. They are NOT offering the V8…the info was old news that never got removed from a dealer’s web site.

  8. once upon a time, there was a brand named lincoln, who was parented by good ol’ford. Lincoln was a unique and special brand, it was once given special treatment, letting lincoln have all the goodies parent ford has, even saving a few sweet touches for the best. Lincoln soon became famous for making higher end luxury cars. It made some of the most inspiring designs the industry has ever seen. But then something happened, parent ford, as with many big auto parents, got greedy and made some bad mistakes in raising such a legendary company. it caughed up a few good cars relatively recently, but were either bashed by the media or surely not as good as its other luxurious freinds. it was also noted for unique design, this new child is cute, it doesn’t say lincoln anymore, a cute child with a good name lost in a crowd. but V8 medicine should help it get noticed, without it, it’s freinds will laugh at it and hurting poor MKS. lincon and parent ford, please bring back the good ol’ lincoln that many us grew up with, it’s a precious little child in need of delicate and dedicated nurturing.

  9. I agree tankman, this is a nice product, but, no one is going to say, “did you see the new lincoln!” It is derivative work I believe?

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