Toyota Blade???

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At first it just looks like a sporty/upscale version of the new Auris.
And that’s pretty much what it is. The specs mention a 167 hp2.4 Liter with a CVT.
Although it doesn’t sound that much sportier than the regular engine.
They will also offer FWD or AWD and they are talking about adding the 3.5 Liter V6 next Summer (The car comes out right before Christmas).

A 3.5 Liter V6 in what is basically a Corolla. That sounds sporty.

Scion, anyone???

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  1. Some of the shapes look suspiciously like a Mazda 3 Hatch. Check out the rear 3/4 from the front shot. Also check out the wheels on the rear shot (stationary wheels), they look like Mazda 3 wheels.

    A3.5l V6 in a vehicle that small would be fast in a straight line for sure, but it would probably have so much understeer that it would be no fun at all in the twisties.

  2. Vince, will the Blade come to the US from Japan?
    With AWD and a smaller body then the RAV4, it would be a good competitor for the Suzuki SX4.

  3. Most likely what we are looking at is the much rumored Scion xR apparantly it has the tC engine and the front end is different enough from the auris maybe this is it. What do you think Vince?

  4. I think this is way too big to replace the Xa.
    It is the size of a mazda3. It is in effect, a Corolla hatchback.
    So it would have to be a new model for Scion. Something above the Xb. If it ever makes it over here…

  5. Ya Know, people knocked the Chinese “rip off” cars, but they were waaay more interesting than these Bore-Fests from Toyota we are seeing.
    Mazda has Nothing to fear(design/look-wise) from Toyota.
    Neither does trhe newer Suzuki’s, Hyundai/Kia’s, for that matter, or new Lancer coming out.

    Wake me up when they decide to quit building appliances, and design something hot looking, or at least 1 level above “boring” or “mundane”.

    They can make the best cars on the planet, but if they are dull to look at, no thanks.

    I am more of an enthusiast,and this is not something to be enthusiastic about, unless you get into appliances.
    If not for Scion, Toyota would beat GM in the “dull to look at” dept.

  6. It sure looks like a new Matrix?

    I wouldn’t bet on the 3.5l V6 tho, even the current Matrix only has 1.8l I4.

    As far as those comments about Mazda 3, sure it looks great – but what inside counts. Those Mazda 3 are not that reliable (compared to Corolla), look it up.

  7. Of course, Mazda 3 hatch, in many ways, is very similar to 2002 Corolla Hatch :-).

    Now, compared to auris, blade has multilink back suspension and stronger engines. AWD is present in Auris as well as Blade. For people that dont know, most Toyota’s sold in Japan have awd versions (Yaris, Corolla, Camry, etc).

  8. Toyota has missed the boat overall on style. and now, their quality is really slipping. they recalled more cars than anyone else last year and some senior managers in japan are under investigation for apparantly hiding recall info…. nice company these gianta are turning out to be! When someone gets that big, you know somethings not right.

  9. Um, this is the mazda 3. People are all over the chinese, this is a japanese copy.This sure doesn’t look like a Mazda3 to me. I mean, just look at the thing!The 3 has a huge honker, while the Blade doesn’t have one at all!

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