VW Neeza concept in China

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These are pictures. I posted illustrations of this concept previously.

It just looks like a production car to me. There’s nothing new or exiting about this. A cross between a Q7 and a Passat wagon.
Two good looking cars, but they’re already in production.

The goofy interior and the suicide doors are obviously not going to make it.
So what is this thing about?
I don’t really get it.
It would be another car more expensive than the Passat. So it would make it about the price of a Q7 V6.

I hear rumors about Porsche positioning itself to acquire VW. Actually not a bad idea.
Someone needs to make smarter decisions over there. Anyone.

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  1. If ya squint real hard you can clearly see a passat wagon and the audi Q7, its got the Q7’s rear hatch lines, well that was a waist of a good squint ! lol, why flippin bother ?? i have no clue. this makes me wish the chinese would copy the beetle cause they could prob do better than VW in the quality dept than VW itself , damn things been on the market for 10 years now and still has major major reliability problems, the chinese couldn’t do any worse than VW themselves ! my buddy bought a 2005 beetle and its broke down or been in the shop for over 30 days since he bought it…

  2. Same thing exactly.

    I also have friends with a 2005 Beetle and it has been actually way over 30 days in the shop.
    New transmission, windows assembly, electronic gremlins. Even a brand new top!
    VW has spent over $12000 in repairing this car.

    They tried the Lemon law but it didn’t even work!
    It says it had to be in the shop “over” 30 days within the 1st 18 months. And it was in for exactly 30 days during that period.
    (Much more since…)
    I went with them a few times and talked to people there waiting for their cars. Amazing stories…
    Even from the guys at the service department!

  3. Somewhere I read that VW was wanting to compete the Neeza with Mercedes’ R-Class; but to me this looks like the perfect competitor to the Volvo XC70

  4. This thing has such bad proportion like a Chevy Caprice wagon in the 90s (check those overhangs!). I seriously hope this is for the chinese market only.

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