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VW will present an all new concept at the Chinese auto show this month, the Neeza.
It looks very much like competition the the R Class from Mercedes.
Maybe that’s the one that is supposed to be “above the Passat”.

It looks nice, but nothing groundbreaking…

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  1. i live in san francisco, california and i can honestly say that i have only seen less than 5 current generation passats on the road, since it came out. there use to be a ton of the older generation passats and jettas on the road, but now there are barely any newer models. vw should not move upscale, they don’t have the brand image to compete with bmw, benz or any other luxury brand.

  2. I like this. It looks fresher and more car-like than the chunky, truckish Touraeg. I think VW should produce this. Actually, this is what the Touraeg or Q7 should’ve been. I mean, I like the looks of both the Touraeg and Q7, and VW and Audi have both tried to make them have car-like front and rear ends, but something like this Neeza will better compete with the Infiniti FX’s of the world.

  3. man i can’t stand vws or audis. they look the same… and the design isn’t even good….. freakin boring if you ask me. VW change your design already!… freakin looks the same from the other models….. people say toyota is boring.. i think vw is way worse. people aren’t buying your cars. no more. stop continuing to move upscale.. that is what audi is for. dumb nuts, god

  4. I think it looks great. I’m not crazy about the dashboard though. IF they sell it in the US I think it will do well as long as it isn’t too expensive. Anyone out there know how the Passat is doing sales wise?

  5. This doesn’t look bad. As long as its priced below the Golf/Rabbit and has the reliability of a Toyota it will sell.

  6. Is the R class selling well enough to justify new competition? I’ve heard of lease deals as low as $350 per month for the R500!

  7. i agree, VW should compete against Toyota, or GM for that matter, they have Audi to do battle with BMW,M-B,Lexus, the new jetta is nothing compare to the new camry or even the fusion, i personally would pick either before even thinking about the jetta, and the passat i seen only one on the street and i commute daily from the valley to los angeles

  8. that dash design(sketch) looks like something from the 1950’s idea of what a dash of the future may look like 😉

    What size is this thing again? Midsized? Compact? Looks ok, but I do not really care for “station wagons”, as us old guys used to call them , back in the 70’s, and 80’s(and 90’s, even).

  9. the dash lacks the richness and substantial-ness that the previous generation passat and jetta’s interiors possessed.

    and i agree with 11:42! it does look retro-futuristic. but in a kind of cheap way 😛

  10. Exterior is fine if a tad boring. The dash design is obviously an exercise in concept fun, but it has a nice, clean, minimalist approach. Those vents are not production, but the rest of the dash could be implemented with some tweaking here and there. I like it.

  11. phoneyQUOTEs: “In an announcement yesterday, VW said they will intro 6 more models in addition to sNeezy… Opey, Rumpy, Appy, Ashful, Leepy, & Oc.” Director, Ron Howard is reported to be consiudering a lawsuit over the “Opey” name.

  12. ……(Quote, from part of Anonymous” …and i agree with 11:42! it does look retro-futuristic. but in a kind of cheap way 😛

    9:18 AM

    Ummm, when I siad ” design idea of what people in the 50’s though future cars would look like’, I feel like you( and my comment, for “old” people like myself, was mor eof less saying, in a joking way that 1950’s ideas of future thigns was bad, sort of like some of the tail fins of the 50’s were supposedly “cool”, or the recently -as bad-fad -of extra heavy duty body cladding on a grand- am, lol).
    It looks cheap, like if some 10 year old drew a “car of tomorrow” dash, back about 1955, lol.

    Come up with something new, and not overly priced(adn somethgn reliable)….

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