VW Tiguan Concept

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Take out the oversized wheels and some other bits, and there you have it: the small VW SUV we’ve been talking about for… A long while.
They say the US model will have a V6.
Competition for this one in the US will be tough.
Seems like everyone has a “small car based SUV”. And many of them are pretty good looking and very reliable, at the same time.
Something VW still needs to figure out.

The design doesn’t really bring anything new to the table either.
But at least, it does say VW better than the Jetta…

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  1. The interior is 100% from the Golf Plus, even the lower part of the center console…

    So, a FWD version will be pretty much the same car as a Golf Plus but will cost 1000s of Euros/dollars/Pounds more as i know VW. For a bit different styling.

  2. Vince, can you do a photoshop and paste on GTI Rims
    and remove the ugly seat colors so that we can get a better idea of the look of this car.
    I am guessing it will cost $24-28.000.

  3. Design wise I give it an A. Very nice. Nothing revolutionary, but very nice.

    Reliability would be the killer for me. benedict, are you crazy?? The CR-V would run circles around this VW. Maybe you like to spend time at the VW repair shop??

  4. Not sure about the price. $24000 to $28000 seems like what it should be.
    But VW has been pretty bad at pricing in the US lately…

  5. looks amazing! Why does everyone complain about vw reliability, i’m the only one in the family who drives vw’s and the only one who never has problems…i’m on my 5th vw all trouble free and i beat them too!

  6. Gorgeous, fantastic. if it’s much more reliable than it’s big brother toureg, which was one of the most troublsome vehicles, it will be awesome.

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