2008 Acura TSX/Euro Accord

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Not too sure what this is.
In any case, it seems pretty close to what the next Euro Accord would look like.
It even has the new metallic Acura grille design.

No matter what, this car will big news when it hits the market.
Again, the US version of the Accord should be larger and different.

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  1. I’m starting to think that Japanese designers have discovered the joys of pumpkin carving, ahso desu ka, neh?

  2. Spicy!

    Finally a Honda that looks pretty darn good!

    Of course, it’ll come here as an Acura – since the Hondas here are “market specific” ones.

    Why larger US Accord? Maybe because the average US are getting fatter?

    For some of us who aren’t fat yet, we could always get real Japanese cars (Acura, Lexus, Infiniti) or German cars.

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