2008 Mitsubishi Lancer

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Seems like it was toned way down from the recent concept.
It also looks the same. Go figure…

The personality seems to be gone, weakened.
Or something…
It is still a nice looking car.

The regular engine is an “all new” 2.0 Liter with 152hp.
A CVT will be an option. (amazing how popular these transmissions are becoming all of a sudden)

The grey car is the ES model.
The red one (with the ridiculous wing) is a GTS.
On sale early 2007.

No EVO yet…

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  1. yep, it’s official!!! agree with the above comment, and I considered in purchasing one…not anymore.

  2. Not bad looking although they really toned down from the concept. Maybe the new Evo retains more of the concept design. Will this keep Mitsubishi in business in the U.S. ?
    Those GEMA engines really suck though. Maybe the 2.0 liter is smooth.

  3. I’m sorry for this, and I don’t like comparing cars like this, but the back is an exact copy of an Alfa Romeo 156!!

  4. i think a lot of evo x wannabes will go for this car, maybe it will look better with a body kit and some euro lights in the back, haha.. might end up looking decent

  5. not sure i understand the cynical attitude about this car, to me it looks just like the concept except the grill and wheels are toned down,and if whether or not a car looks “exactly” like its concept determines whether a car is good or not 99.8% of the cars out there would be bad…. which im sure the evo model will put back on, it looks good without being overstyled, upscale without trying to hard, i think its a good job.

  6. We still haven’t seen the EVo, so it might be different, however I think the Lancer’s look is nice. The base should come with standard headlamps in my opinion
    and not with plastic wheel covers. Some car companies
    do that and it really makes the car look like crap.
    Anyway, I hope all models for the Lancer come with standard AWD, good plastics, reliable engine and safety features similar to cars a little more expensive and price to make up. Finally, Japanese built and a good price and they should be back in the game.

  7. This is what the Corolla should look like, a smaller version of the Lexus IS. Even though its a copy, this car looks pretty nice.

  8. i wouldn’t call it bad execution…they just made it look smaller and alot less aggressive. The ES model looks dated. the GTS, on the other hand looks great. I can’t wait to see the interior.

  9. I like the front and I like the back. But the side-greenhouse design isn’t very aggressive at all. And the wheels seem smaller than they should be, with a lot of space between the wheel and the arches on the base version. I hate this about a lot of economy cars.

  10. I think this will sell. It might’ve been toned down a bit (on the sides) from the concept, but it has that nice fluid Mazda/BMW sporty look. It’s a good-looking car, much better than the crap Lancer they’re peddling right now which was outdated-looking from the start.

  11. Huge improvement over the current, drab Lancer, but too bad it’s not more like the concept car.

    I dislike concept teases because the finished product rarely lives up to the concept design. Who needs let-downs like this?

    It really doesn’t matter because Mitsubishi is nearly dead in the U.S. anyway.

  12. I am sorry, but this thing looks like some one was inspired by some early Acura models like the Integra(rear), TSX(side), new TL(1/4 front panel).

  13. I’m also glad that it doesn’t look chunky like many new compacts like the sentra, ion, and corolla. The agressive front doesnt match anything else.

  14. fNot as good as the concept. The front is ok… at least it does not have a “manatee-like snout”, like the upcoming new Corolla.

    The Elantra’s side profile looks sharper(sporty almost) compared to this thing.

    It looks good. The GEMA engine is fine. The question is, will they do a “dodge Caliber” with the CVT(dial in artificial shift points using a computer chip, to make the drivers think it is an automatic, and That is horrible, NOT the engine).
    If they do it like the Sentra, it should be fine(no artificial shift points, all “go”, no “auto tranny shift feel” programmed into the CVT).
    If it gets 30MPG, 0-60 of 8-8.5, priced right, etc…good NVH, handling, ride, comfort(etc)…

    If it feels like a Corolla, I’ll but the Corolla, if it feels somewhat sporty, or at least engaging to drive, I will consider this.

    It is no “Eclipse” though( like it or not, the Eclipse does elicit commentary).

  15. the lancer evo X concept was really nice

    maybe they had to tone down the cheap average joe Lancer, to make distinction between that and the Evo X..?

    not my flavor, although that tail lights look similar to those of IS 3G

  16. If they had put a wing on akin to the 1997 Nissan 200sx( 2 door Sentra…the “wing”…actually fit on the trunk , and was thisclose to the trunk. It only stood maybe 3.4ths of an inch above the deck lid, and looked good, and not ridiculous. From what bits of info Karl on cars/Blogs at edmudns could say, the thing sounds likeit will handle and drive and move, all above avg).
    Have to wait until jan 24 until they can print their test drive, etc.. results and opinions.
    Seems funny, everyone knows how this car will handle, drive, before it is even released!!!!LOL.

    It Looks better than the Cobalt, Corolla, more sporty(in areas) than the Civic, better than the new Sentra, actually, better than them all!
    for a “economy car” with some hint of sportiness, this is nice(I am talking 4 doors here, not Scion tC…that is still a nicer looking car, and with a hatch, More Useful Luggage Area)… for 4 door vs 4 door , in looks, only the mazda3(w/o effects..this is “as is’ vs “as is” in looks)is better.
    You don’t like it? fine. Just don;t say the engine is junk, etc, before it’s even released. that shows you’re prejudiced against Mistubishi . No chance given( prejudiced= Pre=judge).

  17. After studying this picture for awhile a few things come to mind, they ruined the c pillar with that rear door window cut out, screams economy car, I wish the door handles lined up with the side charecter line ala acura T L, they should have centered the lock for the trunk instead of oddly putting it off to the side, that rear rubber bumper is “huge” and goes all the way up to the tailamps, and the black paint on the b-pillar looks odd that they didnt go all the way up and the way it goes across the window sills. this car will look great in dark colors only ! i also would paint the small chrome grill body color…. or wait for the evo to come out and put a evo front end on the es model since i dont need a turbo rocket but would want the hot looks of one.

  18. I am not a “car guy”, per se, but, what gives with the Open Air Dam under the bumper, exposing the radiator like it is?
    One gent told me they probably have soem kind of thing the dealer(of yourself) can put on to cover that, As An Option(= Extra cash out of your pocket for something that should be there in the first place?).

    is it me, or leaving the radiator exposed as it is( besides looking “incomplete” , like the forgot to finish it, probably some “race thing?” I don’t know..)
    kind of not a good idea , if some debris hits it?
    If not quite cover it, hide the radiator, protect it somewhat better?

  19. The ES, Base Model(Vince)?
    The GTS “top model”?
    Wonder what the mid-level range will look like( and what the name is)?

  20. detailed info here…And it Does look good in this odd blue color, than in gray or red, as shown here on T.H.E.

  21. OK somebody shoot me. Please! Oh for the love of God! Come on people what the heck is this? Someone shake some sense into these manufacturers. They had an absolute irrevocable w i n n e r on their hands and screwed it. And it’s not like they can afford to mess up… Man i have lost hope. Here’s a link to some pics of the Concept-X to sob on:https://paultan.org/2005/09/29/mitsubishi-concept-x/Damn i’m pi**ed.

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