2009 Subaru Legacy

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This is just an illustration and I hope the real thing looks a bit more different than the current model.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the Legacy.
It is one of the best car around for the money. And one of the most reliable on the market.

But enough of the “new one looking like the old one”.
That goes for other car makers too…

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  1. Cars can’t change that much that often. There would be no continuity, and the people from the previous car would not buy the new one, it would be less solvent.

  2. Real nice car. I just hope they make the next one bigger. A little longer and wider so you can get 3 people in the back seat. I realize TECHNICALLY you can get 3 people in the back seat, but REALISTICALLY it ain’t happening. Also IMO they’ve got to put a folding rear seat in the sedan. They advertise this ring reinforcement thing in the wagons, why can’t they do that with the trunk area of the sedan so they can have an opening for fold down rear seats? It’s a money issue I guess. Also I think they like the wagon to sell more than the sedans.

  3. Looks just like a showcar they did many years ago, except better executed. Subaru’s a bit like BMW in that they do one dramatic model change followed by one evolutionary model change. Works for resale.

  4. Vince, Why are all the newest renditions of SUV’s and Wagons leaving off the protective Body Side Molding on the side doors and fenders? Just looking at this new Subie gives me the shudders when I think of all the dents and dings created out there in the real world just waiting to happen to that poor vulnerable redesign!

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