All new Fiat 500

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Sharing a platform with the next Ford Ka, the 500 is Fiat’s retro model.
We won’t get this, but we might be getting a vresion of the Ka.

This looks to be good competition to the Mini Cooper. Although it should be quite a bit cheaper.
Audi also wants to compete with the Cooper but they have no history in this market, Fiat does.

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  1. I love when iconic cars are brought back in modern form like the Beetle, the Mini, the Mustang, etc. It celebrates the original as a work of art, and this one is no exception.

    Will we ever see a worthy remake of the Citroen Deux Chevaux?

  2. back door (hatch)needs to be more upright, creating a more solid profile and more useable interior. looks too weak otherwise, good

  3. I thought the Ka will not have any new replacement…… a few years ago Ford say they want develop a replacement as the Ka is overlapping with the Fiesta…….now they have the new one, i hope the new one has a much bigger interior…….

  4. agree with Sergio – back end needs work or sumthin. Re: the Ka, won’t surprise me if both the next Ka & Fiesta are versions of the same platform (B2E), 3door = Ka, 4&5door = Fiesta.

  5. i would have to say i like this car, it doesnt kill the retro thing and its pretty good looking i guess this means fiat is out of the red??

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