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Nissan is rumored to be working on a “smaller than Altima” 2 door car.
I actually do not think this illustration is right. It looks to be based on the Foria concept Nissan showed a few years ago already.

I would think the next small coupe will be pretty much a Sentra coupe. Like the Azeal concept we saw before.
I personally liked the Foria better. It was more original than just taking 2 doors off the Sentra.

Is the 2 door market heating up, again?

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  1. I hope the coupe market is heating up. i think over the years, it has been kept alive by the accord and solara, but has really started to heat up again with the g35, new mustang, scion tc and 6 series bmw. I hope nissan does make an extensive line of inexpensive coupes available in the coming years. I just wonder now if nissan will actually wind up hurting their own sales of the 350z by releasing a small coupe and an altima coupe? i think their greatest competition at this point is Honda with their new accord coupe and whatever toyota decides to bring out in the next few years (fingers crossed for a cheap supra).

  2. the foria, would have made a nice entry level infiniti or sized above the g35, to compete with the clk and others, it was kinda retro, but still, modern, and elegant. would seem out of place in line with the other nissans

  3. I might seriously consider one,after it has been out a few years, that is. Last time we purchased a 2 door Sentra( well, our 1990 xe was a “Coupe”, then our 97 was the 200sx, which after 3 years, 65K was total junk…remember, this was when Nissan was losing customers, and by 98, thought they might leave the USA if sales did not increase, then came Renault, to “save” Nissan).

    I like this thing. Looks good.
    maybe new Lancer would look good as a 2 or 3 door?

  4. There seems to be a small vertical line at the back, indicating this could be a 4 door like the RX-08.

    I guess it would be to differ it from the 350z, infiniti G35 coupe and altima coupe…

  5. Vince, I think the coupe/3doors are coming back, albeit, not as strong as they were years ago.
    Maybe that 3 door Corolla will(as you said) get here, after all?
    I read on one of the car news sites that small cars were outselling suv’s(this was Nov 1or 2, when sales caem out), for the year.
    I heard on Motorweek show just 1/2 hour ago that large SUV’s are not fashionable( said something like this) these days(finally, although in my area, country area, most of the lcoals don’t know this fact yet. A Pity!).

    A 2 door Sentra…knowing the current “fashion” of taking a 4 door, and shortening it 1/2 foot or more , then putting 2-3 doors on it….this might be smaller than the Sentra.

    Who knows? have to wait and see.
    Vince, is this thing supposed to be at one of the major autoshows?

  6. I like this front end alot better than the bucktooth foria but the foria had alot more sensual lines on it, I truly hope they bring this out soon, also us baby boomers are loosing the kids at home and the coupe market is ready to explode now that the DINK’S are taking over (double income no kids) .

  7. From this particular angle, it looks very similar to the Mercedes CL to me – the fenders, profile, etc.

    I’d love if it was actually larger than the Altima coupe.

  8. Mr Burlapp:
    have you ever attended the Chicago or Detroit auto show(s)?
    Was wondering if it is a big hassle to ge into either one( due to congestion from traffic, and so forth)?
    Anyone here ever go?
    Just wondering how bad it is once you get to withing a mile or three of the Detroit show(mainly).

    Thanks for any info.

  9. Sorry, but I’ve never been to either .
    I would like to see the Detroit show.

    And I love Chicago anyway…
    So I wouldn’t mind spending more time there.

  10. Ahh i been to both chicago and detroit shows alot and there aint no problem with traffic or parking for either ! just pop down the 10 or lodge freeway and exit downtown and bam your in the parking garage at cobo, take a elevator and your there for the detroit show… and the chicago show is alot easier access ! I-55 (Stevenson Expy.) and follow the signs to Lake Shore Dr. north. Exit at Wacker Dr. Both are very easy to get to and to park at !

  11. Vince, I think if anything Nissan should build the Azeal concept and while they are it build the Sport Compact too. The Azeal, as stated appeared to be a coupe version of the Sentra. Stick the 2.5QR engine from the SE-R in it, price it right, and bam Nissan has itself a TC fighter/beater. Build the Sport Compact (a 2-door Versa) and give it the 2.5QR as well and bam instant Golf/GTI fighter/beater. Translation – Sales Success for Nissan.

  12. thanks sdcarnut/ Been thinking about detroit this year, since it is under 4 hours from us.
    If it’s not that bad, might (seriously have to)go for once!
    The shows in Ohio are ok, but nothing like the “Big 2”. I used to live close to Chicago, but not when I was into cars. If I did , that would have only been a 45 minute drive to the show.

    Thanks for the info about the 10, lodge freeway to Cobo!

    About the Sentra should be a tC fighter, with the (new) SE-R engine, I agree( but making it 3 doors would be better than 2, and still look good, but be more sueful for hauling stuff).

  13. Just looked at info on Foria. This looks better. Also, the Foria is a 2+2, Mid-engined , AWS(all wheel steering) concept.
    I wonder if this is just a more realsitic version( smaller than ALtima coupe), FWD,Normal Steering, front engined vehicle,or what?
    Hopefully, we might hear more, form Nissan themselves, and soon.

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