Auto show #10. Altima Hybrid.

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I really like the new Altima.
The design is nothing brand new, a version of the previous one.
But modern enough to make the other one look old when they are next to each other.

The Hybrid uses a Toyota system. With Nissan’s own 2.5 Liter engine.

The interior is pretty much standard 2007 Altima stuff. Which means maybe the best in any affordable midsized family car available in the US.
None of the materials look or feel chap. It is all very well put together and pleasant to the eyes.
The fake wood has a matte finish (like the real stuff in Infinitis) and looks great.
And the interior door design looks classy, modern and simple.

the Hybrid version is supposed to be getting 41mpg.
Camry Hybrid owners routinely report getting and average of 37 to 38 mpg with their cars.
pretty amazing numbers for a car that size. (and close to official numbers)
These real life numbers aren’t that much lower than what Prius owners report.

I think the Altima Hybrid offers a better design, inside and out, that the Camry (a matter of taste really…).

On sale early next year. Price? Who knows…
I guess they would want it to be close to the Camry, or even a bit lower.

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  1. I can’t help but think about which beta Toyota software Nissan actually bought.

    Kind of like the US, only selling old & outdated stripped down version of F-16 jets to the 3rd world countries – never the up-to-date ones!

  2. Lookin’ at some of the F-16’s that some of these other countries are getting, I have to wonder if they are getting the good ones and what we are getting stuck with. Oh well…at least we’re getting the new F-35 and we have great pilots. Anywho…I like the interior of the new Altima. It looks like it has good fit and finish and is good quality from what I can tell from the pics. I gotta say though, I don’t like the style of the steering wheel. But that’s just me. Nice job Nissan. Boy I wish they made an all wheel drive version of the Altima SE! No I don’t want a Murano…although it is nice.

  3. Too bad the Hybrid doesn’t get unique styling cues to differentiate it from the regular Altima.. those red-lensed taillights from the Coupe would be a good start! 🙂

  4. i one of these for the first time, and the first thing i notice is how big they look, you can easily tell the old one and this one apart in person. but the interior does look nice, some of the controls look like they came from gms new radios, and climate contol bin and hhr and impala has the same set up for hvac and audio and placement for the heated seats…and the round pontiac look vents , but nice interior

  5. I agree with your comments about the new Altima. I saw them today on the dealer’s lot, and was really surprised at how nice the new lines are. Can’t wait to see the coupe.

  6. The CD player looks like it was designed to resemble an 8-track system. And that fake woodgrain…

    Minor gripes aside, the Altima will continue to be a serious competitor. A car for someone who wants something substantially more interesting than a Camry.

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