Auto show #12. Future muscle.

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  1. You posted these 2 but no camaro ? there all 3 soon the be awesome shoot out competitors, oops I changed the topic subject someone may get upset.

  2. You are right.
    I forgot to take pictures of the Camaro, which is there.
    (I did take a movie that I’ll post later)
    The Camaro is my favorite.

  3. So is the Mustang a future concept, or is it just something those Italian guys did to give the Mustang a twist?

  4. ahhh the camaro was not at last years la auto show it was only in detroit, and when i finally laid eyes on it last saturday i fell in love, normally i watch a car spin a couple times around on it’s turntable, but with the camaro i stood there like 15 minutes taking in every single line, those rear quarter panels are awesome…. and same with the challenger, i restored a 71 years ago and loved every single line on the concept, this may be my next car indeed…

  5. I had the same feeling about the Camaro.
    They will start testing prototypes of the production version on the road within weeks.
    So we should get spy shots pretty soon…

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