Auto show #2. MKX and Edge cheapness.

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I was actually looking forward to see the new Ford Edge, and it’s Lincoln brother, in person.
What a disappointment…
First, the doors feel cheap and make a really , well.. Cheap sound, when you close them.
A very bad first impression. Then inside.
There is a lot of that cheap, hard plastic around. The one with that coarse texture.
I’m sure you’ve seen it before…
The door designs of the Edge is really bad and again, cheap looking.
And the console has no less than 3 different metallic textures.

Of course I didn’t drive it. But just by getting inside, you can tell this is way behind the foreign competition.
Anything else in that price range feels more upscale.
I even think as far as quality is concern, it is a step behind the Fusion.

It is really a shame because Ford seems to bet a lot on these cars.

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  1. “And the console has no less than 3 different metallic textures.”

    Miscellaneous surfaces? Kind of like the mess Toyota shoved inside their still-waiting-for Tundra. I don’t know, I’ve sat in thfor some the Ford moniker now carries a negative stigma.

  2. You are clearly biased and cannot judge ford products objectively. Thats alright you live in LA what else would one expect. The interior quality equal rivals in the same price, horsepower and with similiar features. People judge for yourself, don’t let a biased review influence your own.

  3. Looks like you are yourself biased against L.A people.

    Have you seen the Edge and MKX yourself?
    Just try to look at things with an open mind.
    I have nothing against Ford.
    Read my review of the Fusion,or the Mustang.
    But the Edge is a step back from the Fusion (in terms of quality and finish) when a year later it should be an improvement.

    Is it cold where you live, is that why
    you hate California???

  4. I’ve seen both the Edge and MKX and came away quite impressed (as have several magazine reviews). Are they perfect? No, but no vehicle is. But both vehicles are more than a match for the competition and should do quite well in the burgeoning crossover market.

  5. Or at least not nitpicky. But hey, if you need a $100,000 interior in your ride, there are quite a few vehicles that’ll scratch that itch.

  6. Ford always put together a winning formula with trash. Why don’t they give Mustang 4 independent suspensions? why don’t they give LSD and more powerful V6 to Fusion? Why they killed Windstar/ Freestar without giving it a chance to compete, yet believing that “Fairlane” can do what a minivan can’t? Why they kill a model that is responsible for more than half of Lincholn sales? Should we wonder why Euro Ford can sell its cars cheaper but offering much better build quality and interior materials? No, we should wonder why it is still the third best selling brand in world after so many unforgivable mistakes.

  7. Hey Vince, I think you do great work on this web site. Thanks for all the great info. Personnaly I think SOME of the interior looks ok and other areas do look cheap. Especially the armrest/handle of the rear door on the Edge. However, looks are one thing and build quality is another. Now granted I’ve never been inside an Edge or a MKX, but I have been in other vehicles that looked good but had bad build quality. The Mazda 6 had a good lookin’ center console but you could shake it back and forth, Land Rover Discovery had a decent looking but you could shake it up and down. What’s the point of something looking good if it’s not going to last more than a couple of years. Guys you don’t have to aggree with Vince, but at least show him some respect(9:31 comment). Vince, don’t sweat the insults. There is a saying…opinions are like a$$%@&es, everyone has one and they all stink!

  8. Thanks.
    I agree about the built quality.
    I was just disapointed by the interior, that’s all.
    Especially when just a few feet away you can check out cars like the New Santa Fe or Altima.
    None of these cars are $100 000 and they still have really nicely made interiors.
    I’ll post picks later…

    If these pictures are pissing people off, wait till I post the ones I took of the Aura…

  9. Vince, 12:28 here. Can’t wait to see the pics. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m really pulling for Ford and Saturn. But there is another saying…If you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk. If you say you’re going to make great products that are going to pull you’re company out of it’s nose dive, then make them. If you do an incomplete job of pulling out of the nose dive then guess what, you’re still going to be a smoking hole in the ground. Sometimes the truth hurts. Hopefully these manufacturers will do something better with the information they are getting rather than not do anything and just sit there and hope for the best. Good luck Ford and Saturn.

  10. Now i cant wait to get there tomm. morning and slam the doors on these many times.. hey vince did ya go downstairs ? anything kewl or different down there this year ???

  11. I went downstairs but there wasn’t that much stuff I was into.
    They were still setting up most of it.
    Was pretty much the same as last year.
    They had a few Smart cars, and lots and lots of chrome…

  12. Vince
    I was the one that asked for the closeup pics of the new Ford interiors. THANK YOU! Ford never fails to disappoint. Can’t wait for the AURA pics.

  13. Hey what do you expect, most of the med size cuvs in the market has hard feeling plastic interiors. Vince have you been into the new Rav4? Hard plastic galore!!! So don’t expect too much because the Japanese are doing it too. If you expect a rolls interior, go for a higher end car.

  14. Hey what do you expect, most of the med size cuvs in the market has hard feeling plastic interiors. Vince have you been into the new Rav4? Hard plastic galore!!! So don’t expect too much because the Japanese are doing it too. If you expect a rolls interior, go for a higher end car.

  15. i think saturn will be fine, aura aside magas have been impressed with the quality of the aura, performance, and styling. besides they have more good product coming. the problem with the edge and mkx, is that there are to many cars to compare it to that have it all together these cars interiors look low effort. the mkx is nice lookin inside and out maybe the black makes it interior look worse but it looked good in tan in pics. the edge looks good to just to bad they couldnt fix the interior quality that edmunds complained about as well….anyone been in the mkz to know how the quality is?

  16. I went into the MKX and it too is a step down from the sedan on which it is based.
    I agree about the plasticky RAV4 interior.But the RAV4 doesn’t compete with the Edge. The Edge is larger and more expensive.
    And again, I don’t expect a Rolls interior.
    Go in a Santa Fe, 2007 Altima, etc…
    There are plenty of cars with decent interiors for the same price.
    Just look around.
    Spend a little bit of time outside.

  17. I live smack dab in the middle of Ford’s mid to high level managers. They are the most uninspiring, lying, fools you would ever want to talk to. They are also all delusional, thinking that they have caught up to Toyota and Honda in quality and design. These idiots should have been fired long ago! Bill Ford Jr was a total loser. The Ford Family makes second rate crap and has since the early 70’s. They are not going to get away with it anymore. These idiots are all going to lose their paid vacations (jobs) and the American people will no longer buy their crap to help them out! They personally make me sick because these creeps ruined the SE Michigan real estate market too. Their stinking buyouts won’t even cover the loss in value of their homes in the past 12 months!

  18. There are Ford loyalists for whatever silly reasons, but just about anything from any other manufacturer is better IMO.

    OK, they make decent trucks, but big deal–the Turnda is surely better and I’d take a Chevy over a Ford any day.

    The Fusion is a decent sedan, but the Camry, Accord, Altima, etc. are all superior in most respects. Why bother with anything from Ford? The blue oval is a worthless symbol now.

  19. Why do I agree with Brian? Why do I think Billy jr. and the rest of his corporate cronies are going around thinking that Ford is at the top of it’s game and believing that they truley believe that they have products that compete with Toyota, Honda etc. Why do I think these corporate fat cats are in their offices thinking…stupid public…don’t they realize that this is all that they are supposed to want. How dare they ask for more. I realize it’s not really like that but it does come across that way. Don’t they realize that they are not the customer but that WE ARE!

  20. Automobile Magazine said that the leather in the new Edge “wouldn’t make the cut for a $599 sofa on easy credit”… you’re not the only who came away from seeing this thing feeling like it was a let-down. If Ford can’t get it right on this car, when it matters so much to win, then will they ever be able to make anything that comes close to the fit and finish of their competitors? I used to think they eventually would, now I’m losing hope.

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