Auto show #3. Fusion Navigation

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This is what the Fusion interior looks like with the new navigation system.

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  1. Not a flattering shot. Hopefully it looks better in person. I actually really like the interior of the Fusion. The chintzy audio system being the glaring exception. This should help.

  2. it looks really low…seems like it should pop up from that storage bin on the dash? or just placed higher?

    i can’t wait to head to the auto show! i’ve gone almost every year since i was 8!

  3. That’s great. Now if they can only get rid of the dull green backlit buttons and put in MANUMATIC transmissions and stability control we’d be all set. I’m hoping to purchase a Milan sometime in the future and so it would be nice if it had a manumatic installed as well as new baclit buttons and guages. Stability control would be nice. They already have stability control but I dont think they install it on the Milan/Fusion because the car only has a 3 channel abs instead of a 4 channel. I believe the rear axle is 1 channel. I think in order for stability control to work, each wheel has to have it’s own channel.

  4. Hey Vince, I read on the internet about a week ago that Ford released images of future products to their employees. I also seem to remember that by this past thursday Ford or one of these employees was going to release information or images of a new sedan that should be coming out within a year or two. I’ve been looking all over the place to get info on this but have come up with nothing. Vince, have you heard or seen anything on this? Also just wanted to say great job on getting us all the latest and greatest info on whats going on in the auto industry.

  5. I’ve heard about it too.
    But I don’t think anyone was able to take any pictures.

    I hear they did a lot to improve about every model in the nineup.
    That they paid particular attention to the way doors close and sound.
    Which is why i was really surprised about the cheap feel of the Edge

  6. Thanks for getting back soon Vince. This is 11:27. Yeah I was suprised to hear about how cheap the interior was. Especially since Ford is saying how this is the vehicle that will help them turn things around. And why the heck is that darn thing so heavy. Did they get a better deal on lead over steel and aluminum or something? I am looking forward to see how they are going to improve their current vehicles in the future though. Good luck Ford.

  7. I have the same navigation system in my Explorer Eddie Bauer, and it is a great unit. The Fusion shares the same system. Anyone who buys it will be more than happy with it.

  8. Fusion Nav
    The dash layout with the Nav doesn’t seem to work. I’m not just talking mere looks.

    The functionality of this in-dash console is so off. Ford if you couldn’t figure out how to do this why didn’t you just copy a Mazda style layout instead.

    For a company on the ropes Ford does not appear capable of separating itself from mediocrity.

    Time unfortunately is NOT on their side.


  9. maybe the best sedan you can buy period
    i don’t rellay need that computer map stuf
    i alwyas know where i go.

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