Auto show #9. New Ford Escape

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I must say, form the pictures I had seen of it, I was ready to hate it.
But I didn’t…

First, the doors feell really solid. Something new from the cheap metallic sound of the previous model.
They do feel much better than the all new (And more expensive) Edge.
A good first impression.

The interior design is a matter of taste. But I think if does go pretty well with the squared off exterior.
The plastics are of better quality than the Edge.
The console has a “piano black” plastic finish that looks pretty good yet simple (Unlike the many different textures used in the Edge).

As you can see, the door panels do look overly simple and cheap with exposed screws. Reminds me of the cheap mid 80’s Toyota Tercel (it looked cheap in 1984, and it looks horrible now)

But this isn’t very expensive. I think if you don’t mind the square shapes, the interior seems better to me than the RAV4.
Maybe it is the cream leather .
They also claim it is quieter and smoother (which it needed to be).

So this might turn out to be a nice little wanna be truck after all…

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  1. the best get eeven better
    what can i say

    who would evy get a crv or rav pos whan you get get this all american truck for less money

  2. I’ve gotta say. That is the best looking screw in the world on that armrest! I’m very glad they made it stand out so much! I think it totally accentuates the interior and fits in perfectly with the entire theme that the interior is trying to portray! GREAT JOB! I gotta tell you, I would’nt have spent another $2000.00 on having Ford install a more subtle screw. It’s perfect! Absolutley PERFECT!

  3. scr3w the screw – I lined all my car’s cubbies with some black indoor/outdoor stuff – indestructable, no stuff rattling or moving…

  4. You people are dumb. Someone tore out whatever hid the screw, happens all the time at autoshow. Not only biased , but , dumb.

  5. So, someone “tore out whatever hid the screw” on all 4 doors?
    Even before the show opens to the public?


  6. Hey 5:06, 8:30 here. I hope you’re right. I seem to remember manufacturers would remove “stealable” items so nobody would walk away with any seuveniers during the show. If you are right then I appologize to Ford for my sarcastic remark. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an autoshow. However, I noticed in Vinces other photos of other vehicles, Saturn Outlook for example, that were taken at the same show I’m assuming during the press days when the general public was’nt around to steal things, that items like knobs, gearshift handles and cup holder liners, like in the Saturn Outlook, were’nt missing. I hope you are right, but if not then my sarcastic remark remains. I don’t believe that I am biased since I hope to purchase a Mercury Milan with AWD when it comes out with the 3.5l v-6 or similarly equiped Mazda 6 when the new one comes out in about a year. In addition I wish Ford all the luck in the world so they can get their company reorganized and profitable again. I just hope that Ford and other U.S. auto manufacturers have learned to listen to what the BUYING PUBLIC wants and not what they think we should get.

  7. This is 8:30 again. One other thing…other than the screw and the armrest…from what I can tell from the pictures (I have’nt sat in one yet) the rest of the vehicle seems like a large improvement. I just wanted to be fair.

  8. Exposed screw or not, this appears to be a really nicely put together interior. I didn’t like the earlier pics that were posted one bit, but this is a dramatic improvement. I’ve always liked the Escape, especially the hybrid. Glad to see Ford is keeping it fresh.

  9. what’s sad is that my 1996 ford contour (of which had to have its headlights replaced, and has a transmission which shutters at speeds of and above 70mph) doesn’t even have exposed interior screws….not only is the “way-forward” plan not working, it’s actually moving the company backward…..frightening.

  10. Jeez, so many insightful comments about an exposed screw head. In every car I’ve ever seen, including Fords, this part is either finished with a rubberized piece of material or the screw hole is plugged. Carmakers do this, not only because of aesthetics, but because exposed screw heads will chip fingernail polish.

    We should keep in mind that this is not a production vehicle we’re looking at and this piece of trim might not have been fabricated in time for the auto show. Or it might have just simply been left off for the show. We don’t know, do we? So let’s tone down the hyperbole about FOMOCO’s death because of the half-information we’re using to form our opinions.

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