Auto show#4. The Master and his creation

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  1. I sure wish that Ford would stop dwelling on the Mustang and SUV’s so freakin’ much. The Mustang and a couple of trucks aren’t gonna pull Ford out of their financial nose dive. It seems everytime I hear about a new vehicle from Ford, it’s either a new version of the Mustang or some type of SUV. As a result the U.S. gets STUCK with old Focus’ and ill equiped sedans.

  2. Rather than another Mustang concept or Lincoln concepts-that-never-get-built, I’d like to see MERCURY concepts! Imho they’d also have the advantage of being easier to dumb-down or fluff-up to meet the expectations of the other 2.

  3. That would be a good idea to get some Mercury concepts going. I think it would also reinforce to the public that Mercury would’nt be the forgoten brand.

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