Auto show#6.LR2 Interior

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Sorry. Just one pic, and it’s not great.

But I was pretty impressed.
The old one wasn’t that horrible anyway. But this is a major improvement.
I didn’t see anything cheap. Doors felt solid etc…
The shapes are pleasant. And the double sunroofs make it a really open place to be.
It is almost too bad the design is a bit reminiscent of the Escape, because it is much better.

The only drawback was the rear leg room. It is very limited to say the least…

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  1. Wow.. that is one telling photo.. the official company line is that much of the LR2 is based on the new Volvo S80 and NOT the similarly-sized Escape/Mariner that it looks so much like. This photo shows that the dashboard is very similar to the S80, right down to the shape of the Volvo floating console (that isn’t floating here because of some plastic covers on either side)! Interesting.

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