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Don’t know what you people think. But this looks to me much better than the Sebring interior.

They should have turn the Avenger into a convertible and forget about the Sebring all together…

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  1. Well. Looks good. Above avg even, for this class of car.
    The exterior is not as nice, but it’s tolerable.
    Now, if only I can convince the spouse to give an “American” company another chance(that is if the car is good, when it comes out).
    I think they should have done a coupe/3 door version, myself.

  2. I think the interior looks better, but it’s not THAT different from the Sebring. The Avener’s steering wheel comes from the Caliber/Patriot/Compass — it’s the same size and shape as the steering wheel in those vehicles vs. the Chrysler that has a more “fancy” looking steering wheel. Also, the center stack has the same layout, but not the same shape. In the Sebring the center stack comes to a point in the middle, but the switchgear seems nearly the same. It’s okay and it works better in the Avenger — just goes to show you if you move a few details how good a product can look.

  3. Considering what chrysler offers, this interior is pretty good by thier standards. the dash flows nicely and the dials have a sporty look to them. and the materials, at first glance, look decent. the sebring however looks extremely cheap even from distant shots of it. The sebring is a design disaster all around inside out, and the convertible is even worse. the avenger has a bold and powerful stance to it, not the most attractive car but unique in its class.

  4. I agree that the design looks A LOT better than the Sebring, but you know we’ll have to get a better look to see if it is as cheaply made as the Caliber is.

  5. MKK said…
    Who in the world will pay more for Serbring?

    8:52 PM
    Chrysler products, in general, are usually more costly than their Dodge brethren. This is a Dodge.
    It should be , at the least, similar MSRP,at the very least, to Sebring(under 19K to start, fairly loaded).
    Something that would help ease my mind is if Chrysler would bring to the tabel a “GM-Like” Warranty, even. Yes, they had a 7/100K warrranty a few eyars ago, but they charged a deductible, I heard, and, they lose $$$(when you build products that need a lot of warranty work….of course this will happen).
    They dropped the 7/100K warranty, because I read” customers do not know of it, or use it”(Who are they kidding?LOL)…so, they decided to “lower” prices, instead(? OK,Where?).
    A few sites carried the story a few years back, but can’t find it now.
    Even if they did a “VW” warranty, extend bumper to bumper to 4 years/50K miles.
    Will also have to wait to see if Cheap plastics and Discount Carpets, specials ,have furnished the interior of the vehicle, or not.

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