Bentley Bugatti???

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If you still have an extra $100 000 laying around after buying your new Bentley Continental, you can do this.
Turn your car into a fake Bugatti.

You’ll even get a more powerful version of your V12. Up to 650hp.
I must say, this is a monstrosity, but somehow it still looks.. Well.. Pretty good, in a weird way.
The shape of the Continental is so great, it still holds up after all the crap added to it. (kind of)

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  1. are those the headlight units from the Audi O7 SUV? And the rear end look like a wannabe ferrari, not a bugatti.

    I’d say save your money and just buy an Audi R8 instead.

  2. I love the look of the stock bentleys. But this thing…I’ve seen chinese cars that looked better than this. Sometimes more is less. If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

  3. Why Would a rich man want to be a “wanna be”?

    Heck! people with that kind of money buy things because they want to show off with the authentic, not with a fake.

    By the way, aren’t those wheels off the super Benz?

  4. If you put a Hyundai emblem on this car, people will start boo-ing the car non-stop.

    Yet, somehow, the Bentley brand, makes it alright.

    Ask kids which car looks good, and they might surprise you with their honest answers (unless they’re “tainted” by their brand-minded parents)

  5. This is exactly what the world needs: Another blown up VW with a Bentley eh Bugatti tag on it. Mr Piech still has lots of influence. He may retire after ruining VW though. Your next Passat or Jetta will buy the developement expenses.

  6. first reaction to first pic = 😮 ……..then….. Hey, that’s not bad. The rear matches the original front :confused: … think I’d like a waterfall grille… I like waterfalls – flying ladies, not so much. Oh & the headlites remind of the Phaeton.

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