A better looking Sebring

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The new Avenger is heading for production.
And it does seem to look better than the Sebring cousin.
It looks like the Charger, only better.
It doesn’t look futuristic or super classy, but it seems to have a personality lacking in most family cars. Like the larger Chrysler/Dodge models, it does look American. And it’s not afraid of it.

From the one picture I have seen of the interior, it might also be better than the Sebring.
This could actually be one good midsized sedan with a very competitive price.

We’ll see.
Maybe more in Detroit…

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  1. I was pissed i didnt see this at the la auto today, the sebring does look better in person inside and out, and that hood and dash go forever when ur sitting at the wheel of it, a few things i noticed today is the instruments on the rdx is awesome when lit up, and gorgeous design elements on the dash, the outlook was nicer in person, the vue has way too many lines on the front end we counted 16, and looks alot smaller than the model it replaces it was great to see the challenger-camaro-imperial in person, always disliked the imperial in pics but its wild in the flesh. couldnt get over how much bigger the acadia was to the envoy that was close by, and yes downstairs was a total bore…. odd things i saw today was the front rubber bumpers where it meets the sheetmetal on the MKX (edge clone) did not match up and was loose, the hood gaps on the hhr was enormous, the headliner in the outlook didnt line up with the plastic interior and was loose, the honda design challenge had a dog named SATAN in its drawings. The best of show went to the Hyundai hcd10 Hellion.

  2. nice rambling comment about the entire auto show.. this thread is about the Avenger. I am disappointed the Avenger will be just another 4-door sedan, considering Dodge’s other offerings have been more European style in nature (5-door Caliber and wagon Magnum for instance). Looking forward to see it in Detroit!

  3. There is nothing… and I do mean nothing… “European” about the Magnum wagon… that car is an awesome reinterpretation of the American station wagon. And the Caliber isn’t so much European as it is just plain different. It’s a crowded segment, you have to do something to differentiate yourself. Which is even more true for the Avenger and the segment it competes in. It’s a heck of a lot better than the host of vanilla copy-cat styles that are out there.

  4. Hey sdcarnut totally love your comments about LA Show. I Haven’t gone yet, but will certainly look for some of the things you mentioned, especially the zHonda Design Drawings.

    I probably will agree with you on the Sebring. My thoughts are that in the flesh it will be better than Pics. I really hope the New Conv/Couupe Looks better than Pics.

    Hey Vince, I Know that you are showing some pics from LA Show but Maybe a Thread just on overall Thoughts about LA Show.

    Vince, Thanks for a Great Site all year round.

  5. can’t get the correct perspective on the too-close-up picture but the car looks like an suv-derivative, especially that little kink behind the rear window.

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