Camaro Convertible

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I’ve decided to post the whole Autoweek cover, why not…

This illustration shows what a production Camaro convertible could look like.
And I want one.

I don’t care for power, I don’t drive fast, so give me the new GM 3.6 Liter with 250hp and that’ll be plenty.

By the way, this is not an ad for Autoweek. I did subscribe to it for a year or two and most of the time, there was not much for me to read.
They’re into fast, expensive cars. Or race cars.
Which I’m not.
But this cover is so cool, I couldn’t help it….

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  1. This is a very nice car, but i can’t help but think that those R&D money can spend more wisely on “boring & family” product. How about spending that on more 6-speed gearbox for pickup and SUV? or a Minivan that can actually compete with Chrysler and Japaneses? or Steering that actually feel attached to the front wheels? or innovations like honda’s in-bed trunk, Toyota’s double injections, or BMW’s continuously variable valve engine? or renovate and reinvent those old facilities?

  2. I know what you mean.
    But they do have a 6 speed , I think, in the new Enclave/Outlook.
    And the Camaro, although not a car for averyone, will compete with the $21000 Mustang that sells over 100 000 units a year.
    Actually quite a market for a coupe.

  3. The camaro would not look like this…this is based off the concept camaro…the real one will be watered down and less excting…

  4. To the first anonymous, I want to see you eat crow when the Camaro is released, Ed Welburn said the production version actually looks BETTER than the concept. ALL of GM’s new vehicles have been lookers with tight panel gaps and great quality. I can’t wait for this. I WILL be buying one!

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