Chevy HHR “Premiere Edition”

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No big news…
Just a limited edition with some special colors.
Just like the PT Cruiser used to do.

This one will get :
” 17″ black chrome wheels, black chrome exterior package, a special Cappuccino Frost Metallic exterior color and a special Ebony/Gray two-tone interior. “

Available early 2007.
How about a small V6, a glass roof, navigation and bluetooth instead?

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  1. when this this first came out, i was hooked on it. Was even considering of buying it. I’m a sucker for tiny boxy things, like Scion xB.

    Over the year, somehow, I lost interest on it. It’s no longer attractive, even to look at (on the street).

    Same thing, the scion xB also doesn’t look interesting like 3 years ago. Not as ugly as the HHR tho..

    I guess, I have a very short attention span disorder…
    Somehow, the boring bland japanese design would “stuck” longer on my mind, over the wild & crazy american/german designs.

    Everytime I see a 10 years old german cars, they look so old/outdated compared to similar aged japanese/american cars.

    How come the most boring/bland looking car last longer on my mind??

    Am I crazy? I must be getting old… What about you Vince?

  2. Maybe you are crazy, and getting old.
    Just like me.
    But I must say, I still like the HHR.
    It has a good personality and I find myself looking at it every timer I see one.
    And the interior is better than most other inexpensive boxes.Plus, owners seem really happy with them.

    I don’t know… I must be crazy…

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