Dodge Avenger

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I still think this is so much better than the Sebring….

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  1. This looks very nice and I think they should junk the compass and use its AWD system on this car as an option. This way German management will save time and money and also make the public much happier.

  2. I test drove the I-4 Sebring, and it was acceptable, seating was good, everythign was good but the design of the exteriror, and the interior looked like a 8,000 dollar car, vs nearly 19K car.

    This takes care of 85% of the gripes about the Sebring( the front end, though… still has what I call “truck-looks” with that mini-Ram-like grille, and “huge” headlights. Maybe it won’t be so bad in a different color or in person?).

    This is possible something to help Chrysler(in general) forget the Sebring.
    Another note I read(forgot which site, maybe that Chrysler wants 07 models to be built so the price across boad(all models?) will start out about 1K less than now( That would make the Sebring about 17,300 or so, before S&H, etc, so this would not be far behind?).

    At prices like that, this will sell.
    To bad their warranties are behind GM, Suzuki, Hyundai,Kia, and even Mitsubishi.
    That would really help quell most fears of issues with Chrysler products.

  3. the Avenger looks like a mini Charger( a good thing)it is every reason that the Sebring should have been a scaled down 300 and not the jumbled mess it is. so disapointing

  4. The Patriot and Avenger are the only American cars
    that are some what retro and a first to be a scale down version of the original, Jeep Cherokee(box design) and Charger respectfully.

  5. what they were saying is they need to take 1000 bucks outta the cost of “manufacturing” every single car, not the retail price ! get your story straight or dont comment at all !!!!! if they sold this for 16k to 19k it will sell but chrysler is hurting, so they aint gonna price it correctly just overprice the hell outta it !

  6. Interior looks a little better than the recent chrysler offerings, but the exterior design is an abomination.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Charger looks nice (minus the ridiculous Galant taillight).

    But this car is just destined for fleet usage.

  7. Jung, no offense buddy, but I think your wrong. I think this will sell well for people whop just graduated college to mid 30’s. However, it might do even better if they add a functional hood scope that is not tacky(Subaru Impreza) and add AWD. If Dodge were to do this and market it nicely, it will be an awesome buy.It is now left up to German management to decide.

  8. i wouldnt consider either the sebring or avenger, but of the two, i like the avenger better. question: why are the new american offerings like the new mailbu and aura not offered with a manual transmission? that is important to some people.

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