A few more pictures of the Auris.

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The Corolla hatch sold in Europe.

I still thing we are getting the 3 door version of this car in the US.
I saw one testing around here a few weeks ago.

This 5 door could actually do well here too. Next to the sedan.
The Mazda3 doesn’t seem to be doing so bad in the US, does it…

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  1. I don’t care much for toyota and wish some one would throw a monkey wrench on their engine, but this thing looks quite good.

  2. I generally have despised Toyota since the end of the Supra and 2nd gen MR2, and can’t think of a car they offer today that I would want.

    Should I be concerned that I think this little Auris is pretty damn nice? Am I myself becoming a bland bore because I find a Toyota appealing? Maybe because the front kinda resembles a Mazda. Maybe it’s because “Auris” sounds naughty. Whatever it is, I think the Auris will do well.

  3. wow, nice interior!
    leave it to the French to design such a chic car!

    Nicely done! I think Toyota should close down the Toyota design centers in US and just hire more Australian, Italian & French designers.

    The ones designed in the US are boring, huge, outdated, weird, cheap, etc.. (except few like Solara)

  4. It’s not a bad looking little car… the interior actually looks quite nice. If I were in the market for a small hatch, I would probably take a closer look at this one.

  5. I don’t get it. Toyota has so much momentum, such a great image. Why can’t they make something reasonably attractive to match the quality?!! Is it too much to ask for? It seems like they make them so ordinary on purpose. Then they refresh them with garish new details as if they are ashamed (Camry). But then they do it again! WTF!!?? I want Toyota quality and resale value…but I can’t endorce the lack of fresh design. AHHH!

  6. This is exactly what I want in a next vehicle. Why don’t they give us the 5-door versions here in the US???

  7. The lines are still a bit unsettled. I doubt it can do better than Vauxhall or Ford or VW in Europe. Especially when Golf is soon to be replaced, i guess the best it can do is to marginally grow the “Corolla” line. In American market, however, since not many people buy into Mazda or VW, perhaps the name “Toyota” alone can help it to become the king of hatchback.

  8. 3 door Scion, or as a 3 door Toyota?
    I ,too, have read the 3 door(thanks to the popularity of the tC..) will be here.

    I just hope it is not a larger version of the xA(they could slant/ “angle” the back end some, the hatch, like the tC, to give it some sportiness, and leave the front end “as is” to distiniguish the two, plus, of course, the 160HP tC, and this would be probably 140 -or so -HP).
    Maybe asking for a sporty Looking 3 door version is a bit too much?

  9. Anonymous9:52AM said, “…boring, huge, outdated, weird, cheap, etc.. (except few like Solara)” _____awwww, c’mon – the Solara isn’t that much worse than the Cmary :p

  10. If an owner slapped a VW badge in place of the Toyota T-logo, no one would know the difference. I mean that in a good way.

  11. YAWN!

    Toyota makes ordinary cars for ordinary folks.
    Most Toyota owners I know are not very successful at all.

    It’s only reflected in the cars they buy. “Safe” and not very well thought out.

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