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A heated cupholder, on a small cheap car.

Great option.

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  1. Vince, looks like it’s not a heated cupholder but rather a heated cup-like you’d have to pour your coffee in there first.
    Still not too inconveniencing, but it may be a bitch to clean…

  2. Nobody who buys this car is gonna clean it. When their done with it they’ll set it out by the curb on garbage day.

  3. Why don’t people just drive when they’re in their cars?

    Eating and/or drinking anything while driving adds a dangerous distraction.

    People need heated and cooled cup holders like they need 3 nostrils!

  4. Yes, a third nostril would be useful when you have a cold and the other 2 are stuffed.

    But then, if all three nostrils were stuffed, you’d want a 4th nostril.

    This could continue to the point where you’d eventually have dozens of nostrils after your cold had ended.

    Do you really want multiple redundant nostrils?

  5. I know a guy who got a plug in coffe cup last year, for his vehicle!
    Not kidding ya. It was a metal cup, with a plastic exterior(cover, wrap).
    It had a mini-outlet, and a deal that plugged into a 12 V fixture, then into the cup….with a 6 foot think cord attached to the cup. Think it was under 15 dollars.

    I do not know if he ever used it, though. he buys many “toys”, and never uses them more than 1 or 2 times(if ever!).
    This thing looks like a coffee warmer of the future, from someone who though this thing up and living in 1955, lol!

  6. This is not a cupholder, but a perfume dispenser. It’s one of the many curious accessories Fiat will offer in the New 500.

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