Ford Interceptor concept

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It looks amazing!
It looks so good that it makes every sedan in Ford’s current line up look even worse.
All the 500 is getting soon is a 3 bar grill up front.

This is based on a stretched Mustang platform and uses a 5.0Liter V8.
This car would be amazing competition to the Chrysler 300.
And what a replacement for the Crown Victoria.
This could appeal to young and old.
Ford could use all of the Mustang engines (and replace the old V6 with the new 3.5 Liter)

But remember, this comes from the people who gave us the great 427 concept years ago.
All we got from that was the 3 bar grille on the Fusion…

Maybe this time, Ford is deparate enough to build it.

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  1. Of course every single person on the web is comparing the Ford to THIS but i feel it looks totally different, and truly like this alot ! Ford has a major hit on its hands if it decides to get smart and sell this, as is ! Hopefully they wont water this down like they did the 427 concept being the fusion ! Although the front end on this thing seems 4 foot high and not sure if that is a good design direction……

  2. it seems Ford is following Dodge…put a truck front on a sedan. I have to say it has more character than almost Ford’s entire lineup, and not bad looking.

  3. With Euro design rules the way they are now the high front end is probably needed. This is good though those tails are very 60s Falcon (not that one is really complaining very much). Its great, it follows on from where Chrysler have taken the 300 but doesn’t look derivative. America has a styling identity but for the last 30 years has been too scared to use it. This is it. BUILD IT or go bust.

  4. ford recently has well designed cars!
    this one looks awesome, but look at the door handles! you wont see those in a car rolling out of of a factory!

    also, 5 LITER ENGINE? why? in the time of hybrids and efficient diesel engines… OR IS IT because the car is as heavy as a abrams tank?!?

  5. You can see that if Ford intends this for production, they’ll have to tone it down a bit. For instance, the front and rear will need a more substantial bumper. However this can be done without detracting from the cars overall stance and styling.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe Ford will build a car that looks anything like this. I think they will use the ‘Stang platform with IRS, but it just won’t look this good.

    I hope I’m very wrong. Because this would be a great replacement for my 06 Mustang.

  6. A Short Letter:

    Dear Mr Ford (or whoever is running the company now),

    Build a big Ford and Lincoln based on this concept NOW!!!….and don’t screw it up….Don’t let it sit for years like the also spectacular “427”…Don’t give it a “live rear axle to make it cheaper…Do not make this car any lower in specification than any other car in it’s class…I have other prohibitions too lengthy to enter here…So, just do it!

    …And then built a worthy, mass market Taurus replacement….

  7. Slap a Crown Vic badge on it and a light bar then watch as it starts appearing in your rear view mirror…..

  8. The production version would look nothing like that, once the Ford beancounters got a hold of it. Seriously though, isn’t the the crown vic/grand marquius platform going on 14 years now!
    Shorten it up, raaise the roof line, unpimp the auto and it would make a nice replacement.

  9. the new ford and las vegas
    nothing more american that that

    happy nerw year to all my american friends
    i will be having another grea tparty at my house with all my american friends and lots of damerican drinks

  10. As ford australia is likely to build and make the crown Victoria replacement and the lines are a bit retro of falcons of old (falcon nameplate still sold in australia), crystal balling here id say this is the 2008 ford falcon replacement and then it will be altered slightly for your crown vic.

    id say this is a definite future vehicle for ford.

  11. The car looks horrible. It’s a Charger ripoff. The 500 is a better fit for the Interceptor replacement. How dare they?

  12. No way will this replace the Australian Falcon. Way too American in conception (in a better way than usual this time admittedly). Remember Ford’s attempt to sell the Taurus down here? Laughable result. That was a ploy to test the market for an American sourced Falcon replacement and that fell on its back bumper. This would make a great boutique model in Australia or any other market that has a residual fondness for the muscly American car tradition.

  13. The the previous post is inaccurate.

    The Taurus failed not because of it’s Americanised concept.

    The irony is that Ford already had answered the Australian Taurus experiment; even when it was America’s best selling car Taurus NEVER worked as a Crown Victoria replacement.

    The Falcon is the Aussie
    equivalent of a Crown Victoria.
    Australians love traditional RWD
    and V-8 engines even more than we do!

    Ford should build this amazing looking Interceptor sedan as a true world car
    (Europe, Australia, China), with minimal changes for different markets.
    Worldwide production would give high international visibility to this cool American style ride, reap maximum profits and make the design pay for itself more quickly.

    Interceptor suggests Ford could go platform happy with the Mustang just like Chrysler did 25 years ago with the K-cars!
    Shared platforms, contemporary styling and serious cost cutting saved Chrysler’s ass back then.

    Passenger Car Plan

    KEEP Mustang, Volvo S80, and a combined Mazda 3/5, make sure the 3 platforms can be built anywhere worldwide
    GET RID OF almost everything else.

    1. Use Mustang platform for every domestic and foreign car Ford can (rwd sporty coupes, suv/ute, rwd vans and sporty/ luxury performance sedans)

    2.Then put the S80 and Mazda 3/5 under EVERYTHING else (fwd/awd mid/minivans, crossovers, family and luxury sedans)

    3. For niche cars and special markets-

    Mazda builds rwd Miata and a fwd liter-class micro car platform.

    Aston Martin would engineer one platform, and share it only with Jaguar.

    Think of it- only 6 platforms for the entire world market- talk about efficiency! 🙂

  14. ah yes the taurus failed cas it was american. Cheap on the inside cheap on the outside. It looked like a floating poo and becuase of your yank suspenension it bounced and pitched like a waterbed

  15. love this car. this is something i would buy. vince the 500 is getting the 3 bar style front but it is more than just a grille. the freestyle looks pretty good with the refreshed front. it is the same as the pic you showed months ago.the big improvement is the montego. it loooks sharp

  16. fixitdude &/or Vince: WHAT FREESTYLE PHOTO??????? Afaik, there haven’t been ANY shots of the FS redo, just inaccurately labelled mule phots with the MetaOne’s exterior.

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