Future muscle cars, the movie.

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    I think they both look great, but I really like the futuristic yet retro/familiar combo of the Camaro.

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    1. i like them both.
      my neighbor and me are going to buy one of each when they come out!
      real american metal (thicker than the foreign carp and safer0
      thes e beutis are made to last too

    2. Exactly how many design cues did the camaro steal from the mustang. I count at least seven. On the other hand the dodge is still ugly.

    3. I like the Camaro much better than the Challenger. I mean come on, how close to the original can you get?

    4. I see design cues taken from the 69′ Camaro.

      The Camaro is also my favorite, but that Challenger still does look pretty nice. My only problem is that it looks like they copied exactly what the challengers in the early 70’s looked like, besides the modern headlights, taillights, etc.

    5. I read in Motor Trend they had 70 Challanger in the studio, so that’s why it’s a dead ringer for the original. The Camaro is much cleaner and will look fresh when these cars finally come out around 2009, yet still retain the classic 1969 DNA. I saw it at NAIAS last year and pictures do not do it justice.

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