GMC Acadia in the wild

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For those who aren’t crazy about all that fake wood inside the Saturn Outlook.

I think the GMC looks really good.
Great competition to anything else out there in the price range.

I hear an even more affordable Chevy version might be on the way.
Wouldn’t that kind of kill the whole thing???

3 variations of the same cars should be enough….

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  1. Two weeks ago I was followed by one of these in Canton Michigan. I thought there was no secret anymore, as it had no camouflage on it.

  2. I think it looks pretty good. I myself like the wood trim better in the outlook(not the aura). Hey Vince I agree with your statement about too many of the same model. I think that’s one of the problems Ford is having with it’s product line. The lower Ford vehicles are being dumbed down so there is more of a difference between the Mazda’s and Lincolns. The Edge for example.

  3. The front is nice, but the side back and interior are ugly. It will overall look bad in a few years. Not a classic, more of a throw-away car, like a BMW.

  4. Better than that damn trailblazer….which is a piece of crap

    GM is at least making the effort to stay competative…i.e., they’re willing to spend money, even if they are losing lots of it, to ensure that they will make money.

    Ford on the other hand has decided that they have to continue to save as much as possible, so they cut as many corners as they see necessary to save their pocketbooks.

    At first, we all thought GM was far worse off than ford, but man, we were wrong…..fords gonna die off, its now a question of when, not if.

    GM will survive, especially if products like the Acadia.

  5. Looks like an MDX mated with an RX330, and then took some steroids and went to the gym.

    I like it. This will make a difference for GM…it will sell very well. I don’t think a Chevy version will kill the idea…I think even adding a Pontiac will make them more money.

    The Trailblaizer septoplet (yes, there are 7! of them) would have done much better if there were more differentiation between them.

    These 3 so far look noticeably different. Good job GM.

    To the 12:39 statement above…
    BMW is NOT a throw away car. You on the other hand, you are a throw away person. If you are going to make such a dumb statement, at least leave your name.

  6. the front end seems like a copy of the cr-v, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. although i would never buy an american car (i cant be replacing my car every three or four years), i have come to the conclusion that gm is making great progress in their interiors, even if they are a bit boring.

  7. The next question is: Can this car pulls enough profit to offset the payments to UAW and the fast failing market of full size SUV? Don’t forget, Toyota and Honda won’t sit on their loads of cash and do nothing.

  8. MKK, so far the only review of the Acadia I’ve seen says it OVERSHOOTS it’s competition in it’s intended price range. That’s pretty strong considering the old GM that would come to market to meet it’s comptetion that’s already due for replacement. I think these three will sell well! Also, like Andrew said, I don’t think a Chevy version would be bad as long as they differenciate the body as well as they have on these. Chevy is the volume brand, I’m surprised GMC got one first actually. The Enclave is simply Beautiful! Way to go GM on these!

  9. Andrew-name one older BMW that is still holding together, we can find old American cars, old Mercedes, but there are few old BMWs, its not a question of poor maintainence or lack of sales, the cars are not built to last, as most european cars. Thats not some sort of insult, just a statement that modern European cars are constantly held together by warranty, then are thrown away. All I am saying is this GMC looks like that, and we will find out in a few years. Its a fact, don’t go defending things just because you think they are popular with other people. -Greg

  10. Alright Greg, let me first apologize for calling you a throw away person. And I applaud you for replying and eloquently stating your point.

    I fully understand where you are coming from. BMWs were never really popular until the late 80s/early 90s when they decided to expand their line. Prior to that, they were a ‘low’ volume european manufacturer that didn’t hold a candle to its now main competitor, Mercedes Benz.

    Let me give you a few models that rival much of anything out there worth anything. They might not be plentiful, but that is due to the fact that not many were made to begin with.

    M1; early 80s, worth all kinds of money now.

    Bavaria; late 60s/70s, spawned the 5 and 7 series basically.

    E30 M3; you would be a fool to throw this car away, even though its approaching 20 years of age. It started the cult classic that still has many hearts throbbing.

    All hail Franz Pop and the propeller logo.

    One last thing: any car company that has as many as 6 major tunning houses is NOT a throw away car! (DIANAN, HARTGE, ALPINA, A.C. SCHNITZER, RACING DYNAMICS, HAMANN)

    Much love-Andrew

  11. To anonymous 1:01PM,
    FORD is not going to die. They might be losing money, but they are not going to die. They just shrunk their number of employees bu a staggering number, part of gearing up to go private. Plus, its about to get over $1 billion for Aston Martin. There are 9 different kinds of Mustangs available, and Land Rover just had a record year in slaes.

    Ford is making a lot of mistakes, but it will figure itself out soon enough.

  12. Very well Andrew, I agree with you that the BMW was a low-volume manufacturer until recently. What do you make of the constant need for repairs though? If you have owned, or know someone that has owned a BMW, or at least read reliability rankings, you know that they need constant repair, and many recommend not buying one out of warranty. To me, once a car has run out of warranty and still needs major fixes and repairs on almost everything, its not worth keeping. So I brand it a throw away car, because its not worth keeping, other than for the brand name. That is what I think of the GMC Acadia, minus the brand name. – Greg

  13. Vince,

    Can i ask you where you found that amazing picture of the GMC ACADIA…the second one down…..i searched a bit on the internet to see if i could find a higher resoltion version….but no luck….can u point me in the right direction..

  14. This is a beautiful SUV. It’s much nicer than the Trailblazer and a lot prettier than anything from Toyota or Honda, which have just become awkward looking. Who would have thought that GM could ever produce class-leading interiors? I rented a Trailblazer last summer, and the interior screamed “rental.” I’ll admit, I rather liked the truckish exterior styling and the way it drove, but I wouldn’t ever spend my own money on one. I would actually consider purchasing the Acadia if it proves to be as good as it looks like it could be.

  15. 3 variations of the same vehicle is already too much. And they plan on adding a Chevy version too? Looks like GM still isn’t learning from it’s past mistakes.

  16. Greg,
    The need for constant repairs traces back to the original owner in most cases. ANY car that is not well maintained as recommended by the manufacturer will require ‘constant’ repairs. Most people who bought BMWs could barely afford the car let alone keeping it in excellent conditions. And because BMWs are so well built, the can run for many years without proper maintainance….until its too late and EVERYTHING starts to go bad, which seems like constant fixing. I got more info on this if you are interested…
    [email protected]

  17. hey bmw über fans i want to know more i’ve always been intrigued by the truth about BMW’s reliability…

  18. In my experience, there is a point where you just can’t keep up with the little things that go wrong with BMWs. Especially with switchgear and electrical engine components. After the mileage reaches 100k, you can expect lots of little nagging problems and some pricy problems. These go well beyond what would be acceptable in a domestic or Japanese brand. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy another one. I’m loving the new 3-series coupe.

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