Honda Accord Coupe Concept

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This car will be at next month’s Detroit show.
A “concept”.. Sure…

The all new Accord is due just a few months after the show. So what we have here is indeed the next Accord coupe.
And it might just be a great one…
At least on this illustraion, the side chrome around the windows reminds me of an Aston Marin.
Can’t wait…

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  1. Nice! The side profile reminds me of a 3 Series coupe. Otherwise, it reminds me of my favorite Accord, the 1994-era coupe.

  2. Say I’m crazy if you want, but I think the S2000 needs updating, not the Accord. I actually like the Accord as it is!

  3. Nice drawing. Doubt it’ll look like that. Too exciting. This is Honda we’re talking about after all.

  4. I like it a lot 🙂

    I think Honda is feeling the heat after seeing the Altima coupe, so they know they better step up. Honestly, I have never liked the current version of the Accord coupe because the side profile of the car is just too flat and boring. It’s nice to see that Honda is adding some curve on the side profile of the new coupe.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the rear lights remind me of the old Audi A4???

  5. OMG! 1 word: amazing! although i cant see the front, the back and sides are clean, sleek and beautiful..i was expecting something hideous, something similar to the new civic…boy was i wrong….if honda keeps the accord looking like this, there will be no competition from nissan, toyota, or any others company….if anything, this may put the bmw 3, mercedes and the infiniti g to shame!

  6. So far I think this is looking better than the Altima Coupe. Of course I’ll reserve final judgement until I see high-res shots of the production versions of each.

    All these new, good looking coupes coming to the market makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  7. Holy crap! This thing looks Awesome! If this thing ends up with a real high output v6, 6spd man or manumatic and sh-awd, dare I say….could we have a competitor to the new GT-R? I can’t wait to see the sedan since that’s what I’ll probably end up with if it’s not too expensive.

  8. Slap some sh-awd, some acura ammenities, some acura sheetmetal and an acura badge, and i do believe you have your g35/3 series fighter.

  9. The new Altima and Accord will be the one two punch that will bring Ford down! Actually it will be like finally putting a lame horse out of it’s misery!

  10. I’ll take the Altima. Or even the “low level” SE-R( Nissan Does tend to price things in the real of real, everyday mortals).
    Honda? They irked me to the point I don’t care if they left the USA.
    They are arrogant(dealerships).Try to get them( 24 months ago) to lower the price off MSRP for the Element, and my friend could not get them to drop off 1 red cent, so he told them to get lost.
    3 months laster(Dec 2004) he got an e-mail saying” 1,399 off all Elements for the holidays” and it had other cars on sale too.
    He e-mailed them back saying to quit harassing him. He needed a vehicle in Sept, they REFUSED to lower the MSRP 1 penny, so they can keep their “precious” vehicles, and to quit e-mailing him”. Back then, the model he looked at was 20K…. he told us if they had lowered it 1K(they STILL would have made $$$$$), he would have bought it; the Element.
    Since they were such jerks, he can go to Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, if he wants, for his vehicle needs, and they ALL offered to drop some $$$ off MSRP’s before.

    Nice car, though,. They won’t see me, my friends, No One I Know, going to them. They build the stuff in Ohio, right down the street, and rip us off? LOL. I don’t think so!
    They can keep ’em.

  11. Honda concept drawings are notoriously unreliable. It will look nothing like that and regardless of the horsepower rating, will be torqueless like every other Honda

  12. With such a horrible experience, why would you ever return and contact the same dealership again???
    This one guy might not represent the whole Honda company.

    Try something like carsdirect next time.
    I would advise to bypass the dealers whenever you can. And that goes from any brand.

  13. no way……honda doesnt put out good looking cars. this rendition would never make production. dream on guys……..

  14. Thanks 4 the tip, Vince.
    Yeah, there’s something about honda dealerships and larger cities in Ohio.
    One place, near Dayton(guy owns tons of dealerships, all major ohio cities), real jerks. They ask you what you are thinking of buying, and you say anything other than Honda, and the sales staff actually slams the other makers, no matter if it is Toyota, Hyundai, whomever.

    The other place acts like you should pay them just to have the cars on the lot(pay extra,for the priveledge-SP?- of looking at the cars, let alone buying one).

    This area , Honda has the worst dealerships(or tied for worst)just real arrogance; it’s such a deal killer.

    Maybe I will try that carsdirect, and inform anyone else looking to do the same.

  15. It’s a honda, about as exciting as a peanut butter sandwich. Honda makes weird/ugly vehicles that even the blind can’t stand to look at.

  16. Agreed. Why do people judge an entire company by the actions of one salesperson? Just go to a different dealer, sheesh.

  17. The foreign car dealerships, form where I live, the closest ones are Hyundai/Kia(37.5 miles, same dealership), then Toyota/Scion(near Dayton airport) along with Nissan down the road… about 40+ miles, and Honda is 63 Miles away, from me.
    There are a few others, but one is 50 miles( the non-dealers: Pay MSRP only)off I-75 and 41.
    The other, well, they are the arrogant ones who do not knock off MSRP either, and bash your other cars you consider.
    I guess if you like jerks and loser…go.
    Me? I’d rather Not deal with losers.

  18. Not trying to be nasty(my last post may have sounded like it) about SW Ohio dealerships, but I will tell you what… I must not be the only one who had a bad experience…. I do not see One New Honda anywhere of my little town of 10,000 or so people(maybe half of them driving age).
    I see new Elantras, a few Forenzas,
    I even see(a ton of ) Yaris’ these days(all inexpensive cars, due to factories closed a few years back, people working 2 jobs to live, etc)…they can get these cars fairly loaded for little cash.
    You also see a lot of Cobalt and Aveo’s.
    Even the Focus has lost it’s appeal in this (mostly) “Buy American” town.
    Only new Chrysler’s ? None, really. Maybe a few old Neon’s and PT’s.
    Anyhow, I have purchased 8 new cars in (almost) 24 years…Chevy, Nissan, Hyundai, Scion….
    and, unfortuantely, found out the hard way, when the delaership sales staff are cocky jerks, the saem line of thinking usually follows throughout, from service, financing, etc.
    You have warranty issues. LOL…. they’ll fight you about fixing them.
    Anyhow, I’d be more than glad to name names(if Vince doesn’t care)…of Loser Dealerships here. The ONLY one that advertises(Honda) to sell for 300-800 less than any other Honda dealership in SW Ohio… he is 80 miles away…yeah, like if by some odd coincidence, I did have some warranty issue… like I want to lose a day of pay(take off work),
    and drive 160 miles round trip!
    There’s a reason why we avoid GM and Nissan these days, too( see Loser service on warranty items… and loser attitude throughout the dealerships in this area, not just mine, but neighbors, too, but, they ar e”Buy American”, so they buy Chrysler old Neons now, a German company, lol.. so much for Buy American).
    Sorry 2 digress.
    Carry on about how great Honda is… lol…they’re good, not saying that.
    I am just too old to put up with loser dealerships. period. That simple.
    And I ain;t driving 160 miles roudn trip for service, warranty, to go to the only decent dealership (out of 4) I know about.

    Maybe if I were Bill Gates, and could have the butler drive it 80 miles for warrany issues, or I were rich enough not to care about “losing money”(work) one day…
    carry on.
    Hondas are good…but not for me(due to where I live, dealerships are bad, and so on).
    take care. Not Offense.

  19. The local dealer is a big part of the car experience.
    Espacially if you live in an areathat doesn’t offer that many dealers.

    I think most cars are pretty good.
    I am really being picky about many of them.
    I also have had pretty bad experiences with Honda and Toyota dealers. But also Lexus and Chevy.
    My advice: drive the car at the dealer, then go on carsdirect (or similar) to buy it.
    I mention carsdirect because a few friends have used it in the past and all have had good experiences…

    Good luck to all.

  20. Vince, share a little more about your bad experiences… especially with the lexus dealer.

    Did you know, that Lexus really looks after its customers (incl. future ones)? This is the same company that would send you a bouquet of flower & champagne, just to check you up on your new vehicle purchase.

    Some dealers in Japan are open 24×7, they actually celebrate any new car purchase with champagne & everybody would bow when the customer drive out their new cars. They would not stop bowing, until the customer is out of sight.

    BTW, I don’t work for Lexus, I just admire the level of courtesy they offer.
    Completely different than my local Honda dealer (arrogant sobs, I’d never buy anything from them) or local Chrysler (racial profiled my friend’s gf).

  21. Keep dreaming kids. Honda might do good drawings, but the next Accord will be a nice safe/dull/bland design like everything else they do. When Honda tries to do “exciting” we get that Acura Abomination a few posts down.

  22. Four exhausts on an Accord? Bwahahahaha!

    Still, it looks nice. Sort of a Japanese Audi TT.

    But it will never, ever look like this.

  23. Doubt it, honda can’t design out of ugly. The new “shield” looks like sh*t, and apparently my honda engineer friend says its going to be on alot more vehicles.

  24. I have own a few cars. Old and new.
    Form Toyota products, GM, Chrysler VW and Honda products.
    If I get too specific, people will jump on my for being “bias” again.
    I have owned imports and domestics and they both have pros and cons.
    It’s like everything else….

  25. If I get too specific, people will jump on my for being “bias” again.

    I say screw ’em. It’s your website, your opinions, and our luxury to enjoy. Yes, everyone comes with a bias, but you and most people here are very well balanced in their views.

    Thanks for this forum to discuss cars, Vince.

  26. I hope that Honda makes a good looking coupe like the show car. If Honda suddenly decides to do something about adding $100.00 worth of sound insulation,(needed in all of it’s cars) I’ll buy one.

  27. Vince, I have yet to have a bad experience with my Ohio Honda dealer…. I’ve never percieved them to be “arrogant”? Where do these people live? My Honda dealer, located in the Cleveland area, treats me like a king and guess what… I purchased a Honda at discount. No matter what… I win. I own one of the best valued and most reliable automobiles in the market. I own a 2001 Honda Accord which just turned 103,000 miles. It has just, until recently, required brakes! I am amazed because I certainly do not drive the car like my grandmother. I have never had any trouble with the car or the certified Honda service. I am mailed service coupons on a regular basis and I use them. No…. I am not paying too much. As a matter of fact, I recently shopped for tires only to find at many locations $20 less than what I would pay at the dealer and they matched it and threw in 20% off with coupon! This is why I buy, and will continue to buy another Honda. Oh yes, I have shopped others but when it comes to cars, I love to drive and I think with my wallet. The illustration is just, for all we know, speculation. If somebody is disappointed with the outcome then go buy a Datsun or ho hum Camry. I will continue to be happy with my Honda an the service they provide.
    Thank you Vince for your site.
    I find it most enjoyable.

  28. ” Anonymous said…

    Nice drawing. Doubt it’ll look like that. Too exciting. This is Honda we’re talking about after all. “

    look at the civic hatch – from concept to production with few modifications.

  29. El Guapo here.

    Vince, you do a great job on your website so please keep up the good job.
    Thanks to you I found early pictures of the 2007 Honda CRV and I got really into it.
    I got one, a CRV-AWD EX. And I am one of those who got a bad rear differential in it. Short story is I went thru lots of agravation from it. Also got problems with the Tire Pressure MOnitor System.
    I dealt directly with Honda Corp about the issue and I will get a Honda Care Warranty 8years-120K miles for the hassle. Don’t forget, this is my six Honda in six years.
    I am a moderator at and if you are interest on that CRV problem, go there.
    Vince. I got some info from your web and post it there too, so thanks.
    As far as the dealerships, I will love to deal with those in OH.
    IMO, most of car salesman are the same. They want to rob you plain simple. And if you are a lady or elder, better yet for them to rip you off.
    My best advice is, go to the dealership,drive the car(s) you like and then use the web to get a good deal. Inquire from diff dealerships and make sure that you specified that you “do not want to be contact by phone, only email”.
    Make sure you specify make, model and color and then, just get the best price. I done that for the past five years. Also done it for family members.

    Merry Christmas people.


  30. Nice napkin doodle. Conceptually, this is very nice. However the production versions never end up looking remotely like this.

  31. Anonymous said…

    Nice napkin doodle. Conceptually, this is very nice. However the production versions never end up looking remotely like this.

    We can blame the illustrators for their fantastical creations.

    Who hires these jerks to be the representatives of designs?

    I know the bean-counters and CEOs kill most fantasies, but c’mon.

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