Honda Odyssey

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The Japan only version. (The small one…)
Not sure if this one is all new.

I never saw it before, and it’s not the new Stream…

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  1. this has been out since 03, was recently facelifted with lightly changed front (grill etc) and new rear lights

  2. I don’t think this would be the same Odyssey we would get…

    It’s definitely smaller, and it has conventional rear doors like the first generation had.

    Kinda snazzy with that front end though…

  3. This would make a wonderful addition as a ‘CROSSOVER’ to the Acura lineup! If a V-6 is under the hood, Acura would sell a lot more of these sharp looking vehicles to families, than the small slow selling RDX which probably will never find a niche in the American marketplace!

  4. We get it in Australia too. So much tidier than that fat, stupid thing you get as the Odyssey in America.

  5. yes, you’re right vince, it’s an old one.. it’s the asian version of the odyssey (while the us odyssey is named ‘grande’ in the region)
    this is actually a-soon-to-be-out model, as it’s been around since 2003-2004, i’ve heard honda already developing a newer model to replace this one..

  6. You know what’s weird? If everyone wasn’t saying that it’s already out in some places, I would think it was a photoshop of a Civic front on a small minivan.

    Then again, I know nothing about photoshop.

  7. And from the looks of the one pic, the thing drives on water! Very biblical! It’s taking the Honda-worship thing a tad too far. 🙂

  8. Perhaps the market would not agree with me but I think this is the perfect size for a minivan. It’s bigger than a mazda 5 but seems big enough inside for 7 adults.

    An Odyssey like this one equipped with a small v6 (2.5 or 3.0 litres) hybrid would be the vehicule of choice in a couple of years in the US. (As SUVs are losing more and more of their appeal to regular people). It would need sliding doors though…(Why do they have regular doors in Japan ?? Don’t they have a space problem there??)

  9. Vince:Acura ‘DEFINITELY’ needs this model in their lineup! They have no current offerings for families with children. The MDX is overkill and way over priced for people on a budget. As of late, Honda of America is just as blindsighted as Ford of America has been for some years now! They have perfect models right under their noses that are sold in other countries yet they somehow overlook the needs of the American people! It really is a ‘NO BRAINER’.

  10. “LHD? Must be sold in Europe. Sizewise it makes more sense.”

    No it isn’t sold in Europe. It will be on the Chinese market. That explains the LHD and the text on the front; that isn’t Japanese

    Greetz Matthijs, The Netherlands

  11. it looks like a crossover wagon or suv to me (the direction that the US market is heading too). to be truly a minivan, it needs practical sliding doors for tight spaces.

  12. It has two version, the one of it is the Absolute version aka 4wd version, and its only available only in japan.

    For those suv lover, you will really love this, its true! i never thought that i would LOVE a minivan, this is probably the lowest 7 seater (exclusive) van ive ever seen.

    And it cost $50,000.00 for high spec and $46,000.00 low spec. (singaporean dollar)

    Runs on 2.4 i-VTEC, auto

    High Spec
    Sunroof, bodykits and sport rim (mugen), leather seats.

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