Infiniti M35 testing something…

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Anybody knows what they are testing on this car???
It already has new engines, 2 WD or 4WD.

What else can they put in there???

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  1. Le Québécois

    A CVT, Hybrid package, an “air-matic” suspensions…

    A variable assist steering system, or a V8 to match the competition !

  2. there is already a V6, V8, and AWD, I am going with either/or 4 wheel steering, hybrid, or the new V6 in the ’07 G35

  3. Le Québecois : Je viens de la ville de Québec… D’où viens-tu?

    I was goint to say myself that it was probably a CVT or a SH-AWD system… Hybrid is a very good guess too. Especially since theyr’re just buying the whole technology from Toyota and that it’s already present on the ”G” model from lexus.

    Let’s just hope that new hybrid is not all oriented on performance rather than fuel economy.

    Message to Lexus: Give us a 2.5 V6 from the i250 and add the hybrid system to the G instead of selling us a powerhouse as usual. As long as it’s not a 4-cylinder, a small V6 can do the trick of bringing us fuel economy and nice confort.

  4. I wish Nissan would clean up the taillight design on an otherwise nice car. They’re too fussy and heavy-handed.

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