Jeep Patriot starts production today

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So get your checkbooks ready!

At a starting price of under $15 000, this might actually be a good alternative to the Scion xB.
At least it couldn’t be much worse safety wise.

Or wait for the next Scion and skip the cheap Caliber interior.

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  1. i actually like the patriot (on the outside). the interior is not-so-great but it seems more fitting with the SUV (ie rugged) look of the patriot. Especically compared to the wretched “i stepped on a half melted brick of cheese” look of the compass.

  2. At least the exterior looks FAR better than the Jeep Compass. That thing is hideous and looks as though it was designed by committees that never met each other.

    I like what Motor Trend had to say about the Compass…”now Jeep has to play catch up with the Koreans”

    Sad sad.

  3. WTF!?

    It’s CHEAPER than the patriot?

    Chrysler might as well just give up. they are about to completely DESTROY the JEEP brand, what a joke!

  4. They Have A Plan

    The logic behind building the Patriot and Compass is to give all potential Jeep wannabe owners a cheap affordable alternative to the “real thing”.

    Watering down a brand like Jeep comes so easily at this price!


  5. When I saw the Patriot at the LA Auto Show, it actually reminded me A LOT of the HHR – in proportions, stance and size. Pricing looks to be similar as well. But the HHR actually has a far superior interior. Better even than the xBox, in my opinion.

  6. I like the HHR a lot.
    The interior is actually very nice, especially for the price.
    A much better car than the Cobalt, it seems.

  7. $15,000? At current $=£ exchange rates, that’s a little over £7,500 or about the base price of a Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 with all of 60bhp.

    I don’t have an especially high opinion of American cars, but when they can be sold at that kind of price you can’t really complain about a less than luxurious, VW specification interior.

    The nearest equivalent to this available in Europe would be something like the Suzuki Vitara, and it starts at the equivalent of $24,000.

  8. Hee Hee Hee. That $15k is for the states. I am sure it will be lots more when the vehicle actually crosses the pond.

  9. Autoweek did an article on how horrible the quality of the new Compass was….the switch for the sunroof was leaking rain water….not the sunroof itself, but the interior switch….that’s how awful the thing is…

    DMC has gotten really cheap with it’s interiors lately…even cheaper than the cheap-ass fords of late….that’s really saying something.

    The Patriot, if it’s anything like the Compass, will have flaws like these, and will fail.

  10. Maybe Autoweek tested a pre-production model, either way, I want to like the Patriot as a candidate for my first small suv purchase, but water in the sunroof switch makes me cherish my bulletproof Prelude even more and ponder a used CR-V…

  11. Maybe the delay in the production of the Patriot was to fix some of the boo-boos from the Compass… Probably not.

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