Lincoln MKR Concept

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Don’t hold your breath,
This is a pure concept. I don’t think Lincoln will produce anything close to this one.
The MKS sedan isn’t even out yet and they are already teasing us with something completely different.

On the cover of Car & Driver.
Top picture from Edmunds.

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  1. Lincoln already has two totally different grille styles (waterfall and egg crate) so here in this new concept they ditch their current options and start from scratch with a new split-grille. stupid dumb. Not surprising, considering how incompetently Ford is run. But disappointing nonetheless.

  2. too bad it’s only a teaser..

    Looks awesome, can somebody please fire those old executives sitting high in the big-3 companies, and replace them with their young designers & engineers?

  3. I dislike all concept cars because nearly every one of them is a phony tease that’ll never be available for purchase. These things just get the dreamers all excited and nothing more.

  4. I don’t like it. I applaud Lincoln for trying, and a rear-wheel drive concept sedan is nothing to be ashamed of, but this thing is just plain odd. Maybe it’s just this phot that makes it look funny, but I don’t like it.


  5. It wasn’t long ago when Lincoln would tease us with really sexy concepts, only to be completely let down by the production versions. Now the concepts are ugly too. I miss the days of the Mk IV when Lincoln brand had some life to it.

  6. Looks gross. Like most lincoln vehicles.

    Less is more, unfortunately for this car that wasn’t the case.

    Poor ford.

  7. I like it, Ford needs to do something like this, Bold, Different, etc., like Cadillac did. Be different!

  8. hey, insideline on has a pic of the lincoln concept in their straightline blog. it looks better than it does in this pic. that grille is still godawful, though. the shape is nice and sharp and the interior of the concept is great! very smooth, minimalist and futuristic.

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