Lincoln MKR Concept Video!

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  • You can really tell on this video that, no matter how good or cool it might look, this car will never be produced.
    A so called “production version” would not even look close.
    (remember the “production ready” Zephyr concept?)

    This is just another tease, another idea of what a Lincoln should be, from a company that doesn’t seem to know where to go…

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    1. Nice try, Lincoln. Just in case everything else didn’t give it away, they had to make the top look like that. Haha. Funny.

      Can’t wait for Douchebag to comment on this. I can see it all now: “This will make it into production because Americans can do anything!”

    2. Great video!

      This concept is just fantastic, and it’s concept-ish enough that a mildly toned down version would look awesome. (unlike the pointless Zeyphr concept)

      Finally a modern Lincoln w/o nasty throwbacks!

    3. The concept zepher was stunning…..the ford 427 was stunniing, the lincoln continental concept was stunning….none were produced (save for the zepher, whick wasn’t produced for very long, and none too pretty either)

      ford just doesn’t gett

      GM does…..and that’s why they’ll survive this slump….stupid ford.

    4. Well, since various Ford people have been talking about a LincStang for over 2 years, it won’t surprise me if one shows up sonner than later – wait & see if an ANNOUCEMENT happens at NAIAS. ___ for the record, a few minor changes and the MKR IS ready for primetime imho!

    5. even if the front end goes into production…the grill and the light i m up to buy it….i m waiting for the MKS to come out hope full it will turn out great and cant wait for the twin turbo 3.5…well we will see my first reaction to the zephyr production car was ewww grosss….but after seeing it in person i liked it…but the concept form would have been great….i like the zephyrs interior besides the stupid buttons shared with the rest of the fords…and hope fully the MKS will stay true to the concepts interior

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