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  • And take a tour inside the all new Mazda CX-9 SUV.
    Hard to beleive it is based on the Ford Edge.
    The Edge looks great, but the interior quality is not from the same planet as the new Mazda…

    Forgive the quality of the picture. Between the louzy Youtube compression and the horrible lighting from the Auto show, the quality isn’t as good as I would like….

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    1. The difference in quality between mazda and ford products is explained by one thing : The bottom line.

      I believe american engineers are not worse than japanese or american ones. They are just limited by that bottom line…

      For some reason, ford decides to make the products bearing the family name worse than their japanese counterparts. Aren’t they proud of their heritage???

      Consumers aren’t stupid anymore. It’s not because a car is flashier and bigger than the other one that it’s necessary better.

    2. Avoiding any comment about $1k+ legacy costs per vehicle (:wink:)… I actually like the detailing on the CX9’s exterior! better the CX7’s.

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