Mercedes GLK?

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From Auto Bilt we get these illustrations of a “smaller-than-GL-SUV” called, you guessed it, the GLK.

And from these, it looks like a time travel back to 1978.
Or something from last year, in India.

A square look is OK, but this looks really bad, and cheap…
And you know it won’t be cheap either.

This makes the new LR2 looks like the Starship Enterprise.

Let’s hope the actual thing looks better… Much better…

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  1. Do we really need another model in MB lineup… it’s getting ridiculous now. Just in the past 10 years, they added..

    A, B, CLK, GL, M, R, and SLK…

    which would be fine if had 100 other models to begin with… but 10 years ago, it was just 5: C, E, SL, G, S, and CL(which really shouldn’t count, because it was literally S minus 2 doors…)

    It’s like they’re trying to become the toyota of Germany…

  2. please! We all know this was just an artists illustration….obviously an artist with cruddy photoshopping abilities….

    judging by the recent styling rejuvenation MB has had as of late, you know the GLK, or whatever it’s called, will be better looking than this pic.

  3. Ok now where in the mb lineup is this supposed to fit? Between the ML and GL if I gather correctly?
    Who is this intended for I really don’t get it…
    BTW I just want to mention that I’m getting sick and tired of the same door handles being used on every single model in the lineup. They just don’t fit with the boxier shape of this GLK, or the upcoming C class for that matter.

  4. I can see Toyota Highlander in its back design…

    Well, the new C Class kinda looks like a new version of the last Mazda Protege, again from its back design. And the profile of the sportswagon definitely suggests the Protege5.

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